Albanian rappers drove military vehicle fitted with heavy MACHINE GUNS around a UK housing estate

A video shared on YouTube showed Albanian gangster rappers driving military vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns in a British housing estate.
Albanian gangster rappers drove a military vehicle equipped with heavy machine guns around a British housing estate while filming a music video. Masked men drove through the East London housing estate in an armored car The video posted by the... Read more

This cybercrime group stole $30 million from banks and telecoms in a four-year crime spree

This cybercrime group stole $30 million from banks and telecoms in a four-year crime spree
Several African banks, as well as several financial institutions and telecommunications operators in Asia and Latin America, have fallen victim to a highly sophisticated and well-planned heist campaign, in which the thieves made off with at least $30 million. Group-IB... Read more

Number Three House Republican Elise Stefanik says Dems have blown 'every chance' to tackle crime

Stefanik (right) and Zeldin (center) rally in upstate New York on Thursday, November 4, less than a week before the midterm elections.  The event drew a crowd of 3,000
In an exclusive conversation with, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said just days before the midterm elections that incumbent New York Governor Kathy Hochul is “one of the weakest activists we’ve ever seen.” After a 3,000-person rally in upstate New York... Read more

Moment killer confessed to bondage murder of naked Kensington barman 42 years ago

Anthony Bird, 42, was beaten with pieces of wood before he was rendered unconscious and bound in his flat in Bentley Court, Kensington Square in June 1980.
A murderer who confessed to the bonded murder of a bartender found naked and bound in his Kensington flat 42 years ago has been jailed for 19 years. John Paul, 61, beat 42-year-old Anthony Bird with pieces of wood before... Read more

Joy Reid claims that most Americans have NEVER heard the word 'inflation' until GOP introduced it

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said that Republicans had taught Americans the word inflation before the midterm this year and that it wouldn't otherwise be part of ordinary people's lexicon.
Joy Reid makes a startling claim that Americans had NEVER heard the word ‘inflation’ until the GOP ‘taught it’ to them after it spiked to a 40-year high under the Biden administration. Days before the midterm, the MSNBC anchor said... Read more

Greenpeace activists who stopped tanker carrying Russian diesel from unloading in UK are CLEARED

Greenpeace activists (left to right) Lyndall Stein, Mike Grant, Ben Hearne-Salter, Henry Rayner, David James, Rhiannon Wood, Kim Harrison, Benji Bailes, Ian Mills and Zoe Pontida outside Chelmsford Magistrates' Court, Essex, before his trial for blocking a jetty at an oil terminal in Grays, Essex
Ten Greenpeace activists who forced a tanker carrying £30m worth of Russian diesel into a U-turn on the River Thames have been acquitted of aggravated trespassing, and a judge declared Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine “could be described as terrorism”.... Read more

Bhad Bhabie gives speech to Oxford Union

Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bregoli (pictured) at the Oxford Student Union, where she discussed her rise to fame and her career.
Danielle ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Bregoli spoke about abuse, her career and her rise to fame in a highly anticipated Oxford Union speech this week. The 19-year-old Florida rapper was greeted with rapturous applause as she walked into the room and sat... Read more

Parrot in Chile steals TV reporter's earpiece while he is live on air

Chilean journalist Nicolás Krumm was reporting on a robbery when the bird surprised him.
TV reporter is assaulted while talking about high crime… by a PARROT! Bird pounces on journalist’s shoulder and flies away with his earpiece in Chile Journalist Nicolas Krumm found the bird resting on him during a live broadcast. He gestured... Read more

William Tyrrell's foster mother is found NOT guilty of lying to NSW Crime Commission

La madre adoptiva de William Tyrrell (arriba el jueves) fue declarada no culpable de un cargo de dar pruebas falsas o engañosas a la Comisión de Delitos de NSW
La madre adoptiva de William Tyrrell fue declarada no culpable de mentirle a la ultrasecreta Comisión del Crimen de Nueva Gales del Sur un día después de que un detective la acusara de saber dónde está el niño desaparecido. La... Read more

Hillary says GOP crime ads offer 'no solutions' and are just 'scary pictures and scary music'

Hillary Clinton said Thursday night that Republican ads bashing Democrats on crime don't offer
Hillary Clinton Says GOP Crime Ads Offer “No Solutions” and Are Just “Scary Pictures and Scary Music” While Campaigning with Kamala Harris for Kathy Hochul Hillary Clinton said Thursday night that Republican ads bashing Democrats on crime don’t offer “solutions”... Read more