Sylvester Stallone pens breakup texts to daughters' boyfriends in latest episode of reality TV show


Delivering the coup de grace! Sylvester Stallone writes breakup text messages to his daughters’ boyfriends in the latest episode of his reality show

Sylvester Stallone writes the text messages his daughters send to their boyfriends when it’s time to break up.

The 76-year-old Rocky star’s daughters Sophia, 26, and Sistine, 24, appeared Monday on the Giggly Squad podcast with Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo, where they talked about how their famous dad helps them when the sun comes around. time to part.

“My dad is a wise man when it comes to our love life, in many areas,” Sistine said. “In one area, he writes most of our breakup texts.”

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Sophia advised the girls to seek information from their parents for the awkward task, citing life experience: “I strongly suggest girls go up to their dad and ask him to write a breakup message because men know men. , I tell you”.

Sistine added: “And they never get mad for being honest.”

The Tulsa King star is also the father of a daughter Scarlet, 20, with his wife Jennifer Flavin, 54. He has two children with his first wife, Sasha Czack: Seargeoh, 44, and Sage, who died of a coronary artery disease in 2012 at age 36.

Sistine said that her father can be distant when he meets their boyfriends.

‘We’re like, ‘Oh, this [guy] it’s a good egg, we’ll take it home,” he said, adding that the Rambo star is “always aloof” when he meets them.

He added that he “stands in the corner” and “doesn’t say anything… just to intimidate.”

Sophia noted that her father ‘always…has a cigar’ when they meet their boyfriends to set the tone, and they both say that he is ‘always right’ when it comes to their romances.

Sistine said: ‘I asked her, I said: ‘Why do you do that?’ And he says, “I can tell within the first four minutes of the meeting whether it’s going to last or not, so I’m not going to mess around.”

The Hollywood veteran and her wife Jennifer Flavin, 54, were pictured at the premiere.

The Hollywood veteran and her wife Jennifer Flavin, 54, were pictured at the premiere.

Sophia said that The Expendables star tends to be nicer to Scarlet Stallone and her love interests.

“He only likes my sister’s boyfriends, Scarlet,” she said of her younger sister, who is romantically involved with Louis Masquelier-Page, a University of Miami college student.

The family can be seen on the Paramount+ reality show The Family Stallone.