Superman zipline launched in Pokhara, world’s steepest claim

2 October, Pokhara. A full-body arness was tied around the waist with a special kind of rope. He hung back on the ground on an iron rod. It fluttered its wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead. Those who love adventure sports have started speeding in the air in Pokhara.

From Sarangkot, supreme jeepflying has started to Hemja, observing the scenery of mountains, forests, settlements and rivers. HighGround Adventure Pvt. Ltd. has launched Supermum Zipflying game on the world’s steepest and fastest (The World’s Steepest and Fastest) zipline, which has been operating in Pokhara for over a decade.

HighGround Adventure is a franchise of the world famous American brand ‘Zip Flyer’ in the zip line. The first zip line was started in Nepal from Danda of Sarangkot to Hemja in 2010. A decade later, tourists are now able to enjoy the Superman Zipline.

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Sarangkot is the top station of the Sarangkot zip line at an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level. Its vertical drop (slope) to the bottom station Hemja is 600 meters high.

The company claims that it will take 1 minute at an average speed of 140 km per hour to cross the distance of 1,850 meters of the world’s longest zipline in the Superman zipline.

Dinesh Maharjan, chief operating officer of the company, said that the company has applied for registration in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s steepest zipline.

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“There is no other place in the world as fast, vertical and long distance as here,” claims Maharjan. Now you can reach the bottom in about 50 seconds. We now have the world’s fastest Superman zipline. That fact must be taken into account. ”

Sarangkot Top Station can be reached in 45 minutes by road from Pokhara via Nagbeli Road. Tourists visiting Sarangkot will enjoy the Annapurna range when they return to the north.

Maharjan said that people weighing 35 to 120 kg can enjoy the zipline from 12 years onwards. According to Maharjan, the 94-year-old British citizen is the oldest person to do so.

The company claims that the zipline is exciting and secure. ‘Every day there is a safety inspection of all the equipment and every month there is a repair work. Every year, Jeep Flyer America’s technicians carry out safety audits, ‘said Maharjan.

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Nepalis are enjoying the Superman zipline by paying 6,500 and foreigners 8,500. In addition to the photo, video and t-shirt package, it costs Rs 1,500.

Hemja, the ground station of the zipline, has a bungee jumping facility in a tower modeled on Cantilever Bridge. “It is also the first bungee tower in Nepal. We also started the tandem bungee in Nepal where the couple hugged each other, which is now the center of attraction. ‘



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