Suggestions for cancer patients at risk of corona

Corona afflicts, especially those with weakened immune systems. Therefore, coronaviruses are at risk for cancer patients.

How many cancer patients are undergoing treatment, how many are going to the hospital. How do they avoid the potential risk of corona virus? Along with this question, they may also have some dilemmas. Here is their dilemma and its answer.

I have just been diagnosed with cancer. What to do in such a time?

It is important that you consult with a pathologist to understand the risk of cancer, its stage, its treatment and whether it can be eradicated.

If it is not necessary to treat it immediately, it is advisable to check it after some time or after the outbreak of corona has subsided.

If the treatment needs to be done urgently, it is better to do the simple method at home.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. Should it be continued at such a time?

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It depends on the health condition of the patient. If the disease is eradicated by giving chemotherapy, it is better to continue. Otherwise, it is better to go after the current outbreak has subsided.

Dr. Arun Shahi
If you do not need chemotherapy, you should not travel long distances. You need to choose the nearest hospital.

I’m on follow-up now. And next week will have to go to checkup with some checks. What can be done in such a situation?

If you do not have any symptoms then you are safe. Don’t worry, it’s best to follow up when the time is right. And, stay in touch with your doctor. However, if you have symptoms related to cancer, you should consult a doctor to make a decision.

I have to have surgery to treat my cancer, what can I do now?

If the tumor grows too fast or there is a risk of it becoming a problem now, please consult your doctor for an operation.

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I am currently taking hormone therapy. In this case, tell us whether to take this therapy or not.

Hormone therapy does not weaken the immune system so it is safe. Continue it.

I have to have a stomach scan next week. What can be done in the current situation?

It is safe. However, if the center has made its devices completely infection free. If this helps you decide on your next treatment, do it.

I used to have cancer. Now I am completely healed. What is the risk of corona to such a person?

If you are in follow-up after completing your treatment and you do not have any symptoms of cancer, then you are at the same risk as a normal person.

Take precautions to avoid infection as advised by the Government of Nepal and physicians.

I suffer from diabetes and other problems with cancer patients. What is the best thing to do now?

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At such times, take the whole medicine continuously. Also, your blood sugar, blood pressure and other tests should be under control. Please consult with your doctor for case-specific recommendations.

I am a cancer patient. Do I need to take any other precautions in this situation?

You may want to exercise daily while sitting indoors. You can also do daily meditation, yoga, pranayama as an alternative remedy. Get enough sleep, pay attention to food.

I heard someone in my neighborhood had a corona infection. What should i do now

In this case, it is better to be very careful. Protect yourself and others from infection by not meeting them, staying away, sitting in isolation at home.

In the end, don’t panic. Maintain social distance, stay at home. If you have any problems, please call a cancer specialist for advice.

(Cancer specialist working at Shahi Patan Hospital)

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