Should You Pick a 2 Week Lash Fill Or A New Set?

Eyelashes are probably one of our most beautiful features. Who does not want to have beautiful, fluttery, and full eyelashes? Probably everyone does. So, if this is your dream too then you should start going for eyelash extensions. Extensions are suitable for people who do not wish to go through the pain of using fake lashes every day. One can easily get the treatment done every few days and will be good to go. But if you wish to maintain the same gorgeous look throughout the time you have extensions, you can go for a 2 week lash fill.

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A 2-week lash fill can help your lashes look full throughout the time you have them. This is because your lashes will grow in a few days and the extensions would also shed with the lashes. Therefore, you can get lash fill done and can maintain a flawless look throughout the time you have lashes.

Whether to go for a new set of lashes or 2 week lash fill?

To decide whether you should get a full set of lashes or just a 2-week lash fill, you should consider a few things. We have listed them down below.

1. If you have had your lashes for more than three weeks then you would most probably require a new set of lashes. However, if it has just been 2 weeks then you can go for a lash fill.

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2. If you have more than 50% of your lashes from your last service then you can get a lash fill done.

3. The best person to decide whether you can go for eyelash fill or full set would be your eyelash technician. This is because they will evaluate your situation personally and will suggest you the best option.

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