Secretary-General Xi is becoming more powerful in the Chinese Communist Party

Beijing. A meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to be held next week is set to make Secretary-General and President Xi Jinping more powerful.

Chinese state-run media have been reporting on the strengthening of Xi Jinping’s leadership.

The 300-member central committee will include top party leaders, provincial governors, general secretaries, and finance and military officials.

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The meeting, which runs until next Thursday, is expected to pave the way for Secretary-General Xi Jinping to continue as president for a third term. As proposed by the Central Committee meeting, he will continue as President if the Congress approves it next year.

The Central Committee meets only once every five years. In 2018, the Chinese People’s Congress approved a provision that one person could be president indefinitely. As a result, C is expected to continue as president for a long time to come.

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