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Scientists have discovered a brain sensor that can increase a person’s height.

Scientists have discovered that the secret to increasing a person’s height and reaching a young age can be explained by a sensor in the human brain.

In the 20th century, when the average height of the British increased by 3.9 inches (10 cm) due to improved nutrition, the average height of people in other countries increased by 7.8 inches. But the mystery of how this actually happened was beyond human comprehension.


According to British researchers, this research could pave the way for the development of drugs to strengthen muscles and increase height in the long run.

Scientists have long known that people with good food and reliable access to food grow taller and mature faster.

For example, after becoming a poorer developed country, the height of South Korean adults was found to be higher than before. In many parts of South Asia and Africa, people are still found to be only slightly taller than they were a hundred years ago.

‘Have more children’

It is already known that food is transmitted to a part of the brain called hypothalamus, which informs the brain about the nutritional health of the body and accelerates the growth of the body.

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A new study has been published in the science and research journal Nature. The research was led by scientists at Cambridge University. Teams from Queen Mary University of London, the University of Bristol, the University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University also assisted in the research.

Through this research, the receptor that causes this process to be found has been found. This is called ‘MC3R’. This receptor is an important link between food and youth as well as body height.

Sir Stephen O’Reilly, author of the study and a professor at Cambridge, said: “It simply came to our notice then.
“It’s not just magic, we have a complete picture of how it works,” he said.

How does this happen?

Researchers have found that when a receptor in the human brain does not function normally, a person’s height decreases. Also, it has been found that such people tend to be younger than others.

The team studied the genetic makeup of around 500,000 volunteers with the UK Biobank (a database of genetic and health statistics) and confirmed the findings were correct.

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The research showed mutations in many children’s genes. Which blocked the receptors in their brains. The effects of the genes were seen in all such children at an early age and they were short in stature and underweight.

The team also found a man whose mutations in both copies of the MC3R gene were found. This change is extremely rare and harmful. The man was very young, and the physical changes that come with puberty begin only after 20 years.

This change is not limited to humans. Researchers also studied mice. The study confirmed that such changes occur in animals.

This research can help solve problems such as stunted physical growth and early adolescence in children, as well as help develop muscular dystrophy in critically ill and lean children.

“Future research suggests that muscle strength may be enhanced by the use of MC3R activating drugs to improve the physical fitness of patients,” said Professor Orhili.

Scientists have already identified a brain receptor that controls hunger. This is called MC4R. People with this deficiency are often overweight.

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Can a person stay awake?

There is a limit to the height of a person. Man’s height increases as long as he has genetic potential. What is this capacity? Factors such as health and diet play a vital role in determining this.

Even children from poor families can reach the heights reached by their parents and grandparents if they get enough food and calories. Older people usually live longer and are less likely to have heart problems. Also, such people have the potential to earn a lot of money.

But the height of man cannot always increase. Like many other European countries, the average height of people in the UK has increased over the last century. But the last 10 years have indicated that the average height will not increase.

In the last century, the height of South Korean women and Iranian men has increased the most in the world. Men born in the Netherlands have the tallest body height in the world (182.4 cm).

At the same time, the tallest people are women born in Guatemala with a height of 140 centimeters.

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