Schools and colleges closed in Chennai after heavy rains and floods

Agency. People’s life in Chennai, India has been disrupted due to heavy rains. Thivallur, Kanchipuram and Chengalpattum districts have been badly affected by the rains. Schools and colleges in various parts of the state, including those districts, have been closed after the rains.

On Saturday night, Chennai received the heaviest rainfall since 2015. Some cities were inundated by torrential rains. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has been deployed in the affected areas. The force has provided emergency assistance to the residents of the affected areas. Government officials have been placed on high alert.

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In some places, the rains have not stopped yet. It will rain for three more days in Chennai, according to the Department of Climate and Meteorology. Chennai Chief Minister MK Stalin has requested the public to cancel his scheduled visit due to rains.


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