Rolpa is heaven on earth!

Mountains around, lake in the middle. The lake is also covered with snow. I think this is an awesome painting painted by a skilled painter. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go.

How difficult it was to climb the hill to reach the lake. When I reached the shore of the lake, my face was filled with the color of incomparable joy. Sitting in the middle of the lake and watching, once I felt like pinching myself – this is a dream or a misfortune!

Although I am associated with the health sector by profession, I go out of Kathmandu Valley twice a year. Corona was not released last year.

This time I reached Chho Rolpa Lake in Dolakha in the first week of April. I made many plans to go to Chho Rolpa Lake. But the site did not. Sitting here, looking at the view of the lake and the mountains surrounded by the lake, it seemed so beautiful and it is not worth seeing here.

The site of Chho Rolpa Lake visit was created by Vikram Bhatt of Zipmandu Tables and Tour.

How difficult it was to climb the hill to reach the lake. When I reached the shore of the lake, the color of incomparable joy suddenly filled my face as I climbed the hill.
In the journey so far, I have experienced that the footpath to Chho Rolpa Lake is more organized than other footpaths. The beauty of the road was not less.

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When traveling to other places, you have to travel uphill and downhill. But if you go here, the ups and downs will be equal. Moreover, as we set out on our journey, seeing the red gourds blooming along the way, it seemed that these flowers had returned to our welcome. There were 10 of us on the trip. We had fun on the way. I wondered how fast the 6 days of Chho Rolpa Yatra had passed.

Characteristic of the lake

Chho Rolpa Lake is a destination for both internal and external tourists. Located in Dolakha district, this lake is one of the highest glaciers in Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 4,580 meters above sea level at the foot of Dulung Himal.

Another feature of the Gaurishankar mountain range is the panoramic view of the lake. The lake is estimated to have originated only 50 years ago.

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In 1963, the glacier covered an area of ​​0.23 square kilometers. According to a 1997 satellite map, it covers an area of ​​1.65 square kilometers. The depth of the lake is 135 meters.

How to reach?

The first day’s journey can be reached in 10 hours by jeep from Kathmandu via Dolakha headquarters Charikot to Chhetchhet village near Singti. After that, you have to walk for three hours to Simigaon from Chhetchhet. That day’s stay is in Simigaon.

On the second day, you have to walk 8 hours from Simigaon to Dongyang. On the third day, you have to walk eight hours from Dongyang to Na village. On the fourth day, after visiting Chho Rolpa Lake from Na village, one reaches Beding. On the fifth day, Simigaon can be reached by walking for eight hours from Beding. On the sixth day, you can walk again from Simigaon to Chhetchhet for 3 hours and from there you can return to Kathmandu by car.

Can be a fast destination: Anil Lama, tourism entrepreneur

Chho Rolpa Lake is easily accessible from the federal capital Kathmandu. This area is full of natural beauty. The number of tourists visiting the area has not been as high as it should have been. We think that this is due to weak propaganda. The local level is spreading propaganda as much as it can. But there has not been enough publicity from the state level.

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With a little attention from the state, the region could become a fast-paced tourist destination. At present, Kovid is deserted not only in Nepal but all over the world. But it would be great if we could focus on the domestic tourists at this time.

In the past, we have not been able to pay as much attention to domestic tourists as we should. Now is the time to think. When there is some leisure time in Kovid’s time, we can focus on its promotion and publicity.

The publicity has come only after the rumor of the eruption of Chho Rolpa Lake footpath. The lake is also famous for its beauty as a tourist destination. Not only foreigners but also tourists from Kathmandu Valley visit here. I think the future is bright if we can spread more propaganda. It can also be a good tourist destination as it is easily accessible from the capital.


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