Riding a Lamjung on a Bicycle

January 17, Kathmandu. This time Lamjung’s seropher was crushed by turning the pedals of the bicycle. My goal was not just to enjoy cycling in the mountains. Lamjung was to explore the areas hidden in his womb, which could become a tourist attraction. In this sense, the journey to Lamjung was meaningful.

Looking at the beautiful mountains and hills, we reached Puranokot of Lamjung carrying historical heritage. At one time it was one of the twenty-four kingdoms.

According to history, Kalu Shah was the king of Lamjung. Kalu, the eldest son of King Kulmandan, was brought from Kaski and made king of Turlungkot. Later the palace was moved from Turlungkot to Puranokot. The ruins of the palace are still found in Puranokot.

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After Kalu’s murder, his younger brother Yashobramha was brought from Kaski and placed on the Ranokot throne. He built palaces in Gaunshahar and Bensishahar.
Below Puranokot fort is Puranokot village. Homestay has also been brought into operation in this region since 2068 BS.

From Lamjung Sundar Bazaar, you can reach the fort in an hour and a half by bus. Clear mountains can be seen from the fort area and the side of the village. Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, Lamjung Peak 29, Gangapurna, more than one and a half dozen Himachalis can be seen from Manaslu to Buddha.

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Lamjung has such fascinating destinations that it feels like a visitor. In other words, there are plenty of attractive bags with tourist potential here. The friendly demeanor of the locals also makes the visitors tick. However, the construction and promotion of tourism infrastructure in the area has not been relatively good.

Places of tourist importance have not been properly maintained and protected. There is also a royal palace in Puranokot fort. However, the palace was surrounded by weeds. The sanitation was not done. When the local government protected and promoted the historical heritage, gold was fragrant.

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During the two-month period, Lamjung Durbar, King Rani’s Durbar, Dura Danda, Tumlung Gadhi, Halo Kranti, Ghale Gaon and others were built. Especially the cycle journey from Lamjung Durbar to Ghalegaon was very enjoyable. Its distance is 29 kilometers. This area is great for cycling.


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