Rejoicing in Halesi….

Halesi Mahadev is located in Khaetang. Not only for religious tourists, but also for those interested in archeology and geology.

There is a huge cave built inside the rock and there are many natural artefacts in it which are full of mystery and excitement. After entering the cave and descending about three hundred feet, an open and smooth place is found.

पूर्वको पर्यटनमा यसको आफ्नै गरिमा छ ।

Interestingly, those who believe in Hinduism are worshiping inside the Halesi cave on the one hand and those who believe in Buddhism on the other. Halesi in Kirati Thatathalo is worshiped by the community as a primitive land. In practice, it is called ‘Pashupatinath of the East’.

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Before the unification of Nepal, this land was ruled by Kirati King Holaisung. The same word has been corrupted to become ‘Halesi’.

Dense forest. There is a cave in the middle of the forest. The geography inside the cave is unique and attractive.

There are three caves in Halesi Mahadev complex including Halesi, Basaha and Bhairav. Fairs are also held here on Mahashivaratri, Ram Navami, Balachaturdashi and Balachaturdashi.

Location of Halesi

Halesidham is spread over 26 ropanis. It is 1,144 meters above sea level.

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Halesi is located in the lap of evergreen hills like Guranse, Tuvachung Jayajummala Thumki and Rupakot Danda. Unique and unsightly rocks are found around it. There are three important caves in the Dham, especially Mahadev (Shiva), Basah and Bhairav.

Bhasmasur cave

There is a classical belief that Lord Vishnu came to this place from Kailash in the form of a charm to save Mahadev from the ashes. Mohani deceived and destroyed the demon, whose remains are believed to be in the Bhairav ​​cave.

Hence it is also called Bhashmasur Cave. Big fairs are held here four times a year on Ram Navami, Balachaturdashi, Shivaratri and Teej.

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How to reach?

There are two ways to reach Halesi from Kathmandu. If you go from Kathmandu, you can reach Halesi by crossing Dudhkoshi from Jayaramghat via Mirchaiya, Katari, Ghurmi and Harkpur. Another way is to reach Halesi by crossing Dudhkoshi from Jayaramghat via Kathmandu, Dhulikhel, Nepalthok, Khurkot, Sindhuli, Harkpur.

Halesi is at a distance of 230 kilometers from Kathmandu. If you walk in the jeep at 7 in the morning, you will reach at 2 in the afternoon.


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