What is the primary function of dynamic study modules?

Every student wants to improve and secure good marks in their academic studies. But not everyone is good at it. As it is difficult to discover your specific weaknesses and grow. Everyone has their own pace and ways to learn in their particular area. The problem is how one can learn in an effective way that can retain and increase the pace.

Dynamic study modules help you with an effective learning system. Evaluating your performance and activity, it provides you with highly personalized suggestions to improve and to focus on the subject matter.

Dynamic Study Modules

Dynamic Study Module is an educational tool. It is designed to provide an effective learning system based on the research regarding cognitive psychology, neurobiology and game studies. It operates on evaluating your performance and activity, then utilizes obtained data and analytics to create personalized content in real-time. Along with that, it supports the concepts concerning strengths and weaknesses.

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Dynamic Study Module is effective for self-study and useful for every kind of student. Depending upon student confidence level, it facilitates suggestions to focus on the subject matter as an additional study. Due to that students can maintain self-pace and improve in particular areas.

Primary Function of Dynamic Study Module

The primary function of the dynamic study module is to evaluate what students have already learned and where they should focus for supplementary study. Based on recent performance, data and improvements, it provides highly personalized recommendations to study using an algorithm.

As a matter of fact, he/she may want to focus specifically on where he/she struggled the most. This leads to analysis on the understanding of the subject matter of their courses. Thus, it benefits the overall scores.

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How does it help?

Dynamic study module is an easy, fast and exceptional learning system. When you want to master your courses and you find it difficult to learn, it provides information on where you need to work to keep up the pace. This helps to assist a specific area to improve at your weakness. Consequently, you can achieve your goals. Besides, it helps students in retaining memory of what they have learned.

How to get started?

  • You need to follow the steps given below in order to use the dynamic study module:
  • Go to chrome web store on your google chrome.
  • Download and install the “Dynamic Study Modules” extension.
  • After installation, head to a website that you want to learn about.
  • Turn on study mode on the site and press the icon on the address bar after.
  • [The icon will tell whether a dynamic study module is available or not on the site.]
  • Lastly, to activate the dynamic study module, click on “Activate Module”.
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As a whole, the dynamic study module assesses your activity and progress to determine information and tips to boost your weakness. You can particularly focus on what you need to practice more. It estimates how one understands the subject and puts it into action. And hence leads to better performance in exams and assignments.

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