Oklahoma Growers Marijuana License Rule 2021

The marijuana business is booming in many states in America, especially in Oklahoma. Since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, many people went into the business of growing, processing, and growing marijuana. However, you need to know and adhere to the rules and regulations if you want to stay in business for long. The rules are there to ensure that marijuana, which is a controlled substance, is not misused or abused. To learn more about the rules that govern Oklahoma growers license 2021, keep reading this post. 

Business Application Information 

If you intend to start a marijuana business in Oklahoma, you need to avoid the risk of your business being rejected or closed down just because you did not comply or follow the laid down rules. Let’s take you through the application and renewal process of applying for an Oklahoma growers license 2021 license. 

Changes that affect businesses 

Trade Name / DBA 

When you are applying for an Oklahoma growers license, the applicant must provide his or her trade name/DBA (Doing Business As). In case you don’t have a trade name/DBA, then you will need to give your legal entity name. This is the name that you filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You also need to provide documentation from the Oklahoma Secretary of State when uploading your documentation for trade name/DBA. This is required to certify your trade name/DBA. You can upload a word document stating that you don’t have a trading name and that you are planning to use your legal business name. 

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Application Processing 

Once you are through applying for Oklahoma growers license 2021, you will have to wait for 90 days for OMMA to review your business applications. If you are restarting your business license, you will also need to wait for 90 days for it to be reviewed. The application may be rejected if the applicant fails to provide the required information. If this happens, you will be given a 30 window to submit the correct information in order for OMMA to reconsider the application. When the 30 days end, the applicant will have to repeat the application process from scratch. 

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Renewal Applications 

If your Oklahoma growers license 2021 is about to expire, the owner must apply for renewal. The application must be submitted before the due date. However, the renewal application must be submitted not less than 60 days before the expiry date. The existing license will be valid, and the applicant will continue using it as long as the renewal application is submitted in time and it’s being processed. Failure to submit the renewal application in time the applicant will have to pay a $500 assessment fee. 

New Commercial Transporter Licenses 

Individual transporter agent license applications and stand-alone transporter business license applications are now available in Oklahoma. Growers, dispensaries, processors, laboratories, and those with research or education licenses will need to have both the Oklahoma growers license 2021 and the business license. If a person needs to transport medical marijuana, he or she needs to have both a transporter business license and an individual transporter agent card. 

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Residency Requirements 

A new residency requirement was set up for individuals who wish to own marijuana businesses in Oklahoma. An applicant needs to prove that he or she is an Oklahoma resident. If you observe the correct procedure of applying for additional residency requirements for existing businesses, it will have to be reviewed at the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office.


Following the laid down procedure of applying for an Oklahoma growers license, 2021 is paramount if you want to avoid getting caught up with the long arms of the law. These are the requirements needed for any person who wants to start a marijuana business. Once you have obtained an Oklahoma growers license, you are allowed to grow and sell medical marijuana to licensed processors. Once you have submitted your application, you will need to wait 90s days for OMMA to review your application. 

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