Obscure Chinese tablet maker quietly unveiled a tablet with a sought-after feature no other tablet vendor dare launch — a 4K display that not even Apple, Google or Samsung can match

Doogee has unveiled a low cost tablet with a surprising selling point. The Doogee T30 Max, a new and upgraded version of the firm’s T30 series tablet, sports a 12.4 inch IPS 4K Display. Yes, 4K.

That’s an impressive achievement for any tablet, let alone one retailing for $329 (or $296 when you apply the 10% off coupon code available on the website). For comparison, Apple’s iPad Pro has a slightly larger screen (12.9 inch) and a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels or 2.7K. We recently reported on NEC’s LAVIE Tab T14 which we said had “probably the highest ever resolution on a tablet”, and even that only manages 3000 x 1876 (QHD+) and costs nearly $1,000.

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