Now WhatsApp runs without internet

Social messaging platform WhatsApp is bringing a new feature to the users. With this feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp without internet.

Users do not need to have WhatsApp online on their smartphone to connect to any device. This means that Android and iOS users will now be able to use the multi-device feature in WhatsApp, without having to put WhatsApp online on the primary smartphone.

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According to WhatsApp, it will now allow users to link WhatsApp to other devices without the need for a primary smartphone. A new feature that connects devices without a primary smartphone is also in the beta stage. This is an opt-in feature that is given as a beta in the Options of Linked Devices in WhatsApp’s Settings menu.

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According to the company, this feature also pays special attention to the security of user data. As soon as this option is activated all the devices will be unlinked and only after re-linking the user will be able to use it as before.

If not logged out manually, the connected devices will be able to receive and send messages for up to 14 days.

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