Norway will be tightened again to control covid

Norway is set to re-adopt nationwide measures to stem the rise of coronavirus infections. The Nordic country, which lifted all sanctions against Kovid-19 in late September.

According to Prime Minister Jonas Gahar Store at a press conference, the third phase of vaccination will be administered to people over the age of 18, other health measures will be followed but no ban will be imposed. “The government will implement new national measures to control the infection, although it has not yet decided whether to implement it as strictly as before.” The Prime Minister said.

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Measures will be taken for regular health check-ups of those in contact with the infected, mandatory use of masks and so on. Infection has recently increased in Norway. Covid-19 infections have been on the rise in recent days, especially in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned that Europe could once again become a “center” of the epidemic.

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