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Most depression builds up on its own, how to get rid of it?

We need to understand what depression is. If you’re depressed, what’s going on inside of you? Let’s look at it basically: you expected something to happen, but it didn’t happen. You expected a person or something to happen the way you wanted it to happen, or in other words, to make this world or destiny happen the way you wanted it to happen, but it didn’t happen. In other words, you are against what is happening, that’s all. Maybe you are against a person or a situation or you are against life itself. Accordingly, depression is getting deeper and deeper.

Why are you against something? Just because those things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Why did the whole world have to go your way? Please understand that this world does not work out the way you want it to. In fact, either you don’t trust the Creator or you don’t have an acceptable attitude or you don’t have both of these and your ego is very sensitive. That is why you are sad.

What happens when you are depressed?
Depression can make you very depressed and especially suicidal. Depressed people do more harm than good. Damage does not mean physical harm. The ego of a person who goes to kill others with a sword is not very sensitive – it does not remain as it is, the sad person is growing it within himself.

Violent people can be easily calmed. Have you ever seen something like this on the road? When people fight, if there is only one sensible person and he can pacify both the parties, the people who wanted to kill each other till a moment ago stop fighting and go on their way as friends. However, this is not the case with a person who is depressed — he or she carries the same thing for the rest of his or her life. Whether consciously or unconsciously, depressed people tend to sharpen their knives and pierce their own hearts. Why would anyone hurt themselves? Usually, they do so to gain sympathy. Normal empathy does not work for the most depressed person; The other person has to drown in his pain.

What is it about you that makes you sad? If I hit your body with a stick, your body hurts, that’s a different matter. Otherwise, what is it about you that makes you sad? There can be no pain in the mind and inner nature. Only your ego becomes miserable. When you say “I want to rise”, it means you want to trample on your ego and move on.

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Depression can be put to good use!
Man can transform any emotion into the creative power of his life. If your sadness reminds you that you are imperfect, this is a good thing. Make good use of your depression in your development. Do you want to turn this sadness into anger or love and compassion? When you are depressed, it is easier to be compassionate. It is a dissolving energy; You can use it and let it fade away, which leads you to your ultimate happiness. But, if you get irritated and angry more when you are depressed and think that the whole world is wrong, then you are a fool.

Unfortunately, in the case of human beings, the reality is that human beings begin to work only after being hit by life. Most people cannot mature without suffering from depression and pain. Otherwise, they will never understand what is going on inside them and what is happening to others around them.

In yoga, depression is treated at the level of body, mind and energy. If the cerebral cortex (body made of food), mental corpus (human body) and energetic corpus (energy body) are kept in a balanced and joyful state, it is very natural to be happy. A happy person can never have depression.

When you declare depression to be a natural process, there is no way out. When you were a child, it was natural for you to be happy and cheerful – not to be sad. Don’t declare depression to be natural. Depression means you are not able to maintain the joy of life within yourself. It can even be seen on your body. If you are depressed, your body becomes chaotic. Life within you is not a time of joy — it has fallen and it has lost its joy, because you are not doing the right thing with life. You’re adding too much external nonsense to it. You have done nothing to keep your life energies alive and well.

Why does depression occur?
Depression is a form of torture. If you are immersed in torture instead of being in bliss, it is because a large part of your energy is being forced or coerced, not consciously. This is happening in a way that responds to external conditions. When you are driven by compulsive or reactive behavior, depression becomes quite common — because external circumstances are never 100% under your control. Many things are happening in the world Are. If you react compulsively, it is natural to get caught up in it and get frustrated. The more you deal with different aspects of life in this situation, the more sad you will become.

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People live in a depressed mood in many different ways. If you take away something that they value, they will be sad. For many people, especially in affluent societies, the saddest thing is that they have everything, even though they have nothing. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. You go to some remote and poor villages and see: they are really poor and destitute. Still, you can see happy faces there, because they hope that tomorrow will be better. In prosperous societies, that hope is gone. Depression is on the rise, because everything that could have been done externally has been done.

A poor person might think, “Tomorrow, if I get a brand new shoe, everything will be fine.” If he gets a pair of new shoes, he will walk with a happy face like a king. Because he has hope, his external needs are not yet certain. In affluent societies, external needs are ensured, but nothing is done inside. So there is despair and sadness. There’s food, there’s a house, there’s clothes to wear — there’s everything, but there’s something wrong. They have not identified the problem.

As we work on our external needs, we need to keep our inner position in check. At that time, the world will be beautiful. When we say spiritual process, it means: not only ensuring the material or material aspects of life, but also keeping the original or subjective aspect of who you are in the right condition.
Depression – To draw sympathy and attention from others!
If you don’t have strong feelings or thoughts about something, you can’t be depressed. The point is, you are creating thoughts and feelings that work against you, not against you. Therefore, you are very capable of leading yourself into depression or sadness. I did not say this because I did not care about other people’s disease or because I had no compassion for others. I say this because depression is a human condition.

Most depression builds up on its own. Some people get into that condition because they have a diseased body system. However, almost everyone can drive themselves into a state of insanity, because the line between goodness and insanity is very thin. People keep pushing themselves towards it. When you’re angry, you’re pushing that line. You push the line of goodness and go into a state of insanity for a while and then come back.

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There are many incentives in your life to get sick. When you were a child, you only got everyone’s attention when you were sick. When you were happy, the elders would scold you. When you shouted for joy, they would slap you in the face. When you were lazy, they would say, “Huh, huh, huh.” When you were a child, it was good to be physically ill, because you got good care and attention from your mother, father and everyone around you. You didn’t have to go to school that day. Therefore, you have learned the art of being physically ill. But, when you got married, you learned the art of being mentally ill! If you want to get someone’s attention, you can go to a corner and pretend to be sad. People will pay attention to you. So if you are playing this game, one day you will not be able to come back from the line you crossed. On that day, you will be medically confirmed.

How to get rid of depression?
Physical activity is important for balancing the chemicals in the body’s systems. Our physical activity has been greatly reduced since the last few generations. Therefore, it is difficult to keep the chemicals in our system in balance. One form of this imbalance is depression. Some sit in a corner of the room, frustrated. Those who are mentally eccentric can become violent. Chemicals, medications or needles are usually used to soothe the condition. But, it destroys the potential and potential in human beings.

The simplest and best way to balance yourself is to do as much physical activity in the natural environment as possible – it is best to start at an early age. The other aspect is to be in contact with the five elements or the five elements (earth, water, air, fire or sunlight and sky). The type of food you eat is also a factor, so don’t eat highly processed foods. Similarly, feeling insecure at the emotional level is another factor that the modern generation is experiencing. Nowadays, people are not emotionally attached to anyone, because no one is with them for long.

In short, the main reason for the increase in depression is the changing lifestyle. Eating more than you need, enough physical activity Depression is one of the main reasons why depression is so prevalent in the world today. If we pay attention to these things, we can significantly reduce the spread of other mental problems, including depression.

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