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More than 80% of pregnancy deaths in the US are PREVENTABLE

More than 80% of pregnancy deaths in the US are PREVENTABLE

The vast majority of pregnancy-related deaths could have been prevented with proper care while the mother is pregnant and after delivery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed on Monday.

The agency reports that 84.2 percent of pregnancy-related deaths could have been prevented with better care. A large portion of these deaths are related to mental health issues, with deaths by suicide or drug overdose accounting for 22.7 percent of deaths.

Other leading causes included bleeding, heart-related conditions, infections and high blood pressure. Many of these cases could also be prevented with adequate maternal care, which the United States lacks compared to many other developed nations.

Maternal mortality in the United States is an often overlooked problem that health officials have long warned about. A study published by The Commonwealth Fund found that the US had the highest rate of any developed nation, at 17.4 deaths per 100,000 births.

“The report paints a much clearer picture of pregnancy-related deaths in this country,” Dr. Wanda Barfield, director of the CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health, said in a statement.

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“Most pregnancy-related deaths were preventable, highlighting the need for quality improvement initiatives in states, hospitals, and communities that ensure everyone who is pregnant or postpartum receives appropriate care.” in the right moment”.

Released Monday, the CDC report analyzed maternal mortality data collected from 2017 to 2019. The data predates the COVID-19 pandemic, which many experts fear has worsened maternal mortality problems in the United States.

During the study period, 1,018 pregnancy-related deaths were recorded in the US.

A pregnancy-related death was counted as any death during pregnancy or in the year following the birth that could be directly linked to the pregnancy.

During the three-year period, 22 percent of deaths occurred during pregnancy. One in four was born on the day of birth or within a week of birth. The remaining 53 percent occurred between a week and a year after delivery.

Mental health conditions were found to be the leading cause of death, all of which are believed to be preventable. They include suicides and problems related to drug abuse.

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In total, they account for 22.7 percent of pregnancy-related deaths among women.

Depression and other mental health problems that arise during pregnancy are a major problem for some women.

The change in hormones, the stressors of pregnancy along with the sudden changes in everyday life can be difficult for some.

This can be combined with existing mental health problems and other risk factors for depression that many women also have.

In some cases, women turn to medication to control their symptoms, putting them at risk of overdose, poisoning, or other causes of death.

Bleeding is also a common pregnancy-related concern. It occurs when a blood vessel breaks and causes internal bleeding.

Experts haven’t figured out why exactly they’re so common during pregnancy and childbirth, but about 25 percent of pregnant women experience them.

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Bleeding problems are the second leading cause of death among pregnant women in the US, accounting for 13.7 percent.

Heart and coronary problems are the next leading cause, at 12.8%, followed by infections (9.2% of deaths), thrombotic embolisms (8.7%), cardiomyopathy (8.5%), and high blood pressure (6.5%).

The CDC and other medical experts have reviewed these deaths to determine if they could have been prevented with proper or preventative medical care. They found that almost all of them, 84 percent, were.

Maternal mortality is a uniquely American problem among developed nations, as the lack of available doctors in the US and higher barriers to care leave some behind.

The Commonwealth Fund compared maternal mortality in the US with that of ten peer countries.

The US’s 17.4 deaths per 100,000 population was double that of France, the second highest of the developed nations included in the study, and ten times higher than the figure released by New Zealand.

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