Millions of Twitter users’ email addresses leaked


Millions of Twitter users’ email addresses have been leaked. An anonymous user has published the data including email address on the hacker forum so that it can be obtained for free.

It contains more than 200 million email addresses used for Twitter account setup as well as other information. It is estimated that the data includes both previously leaked and new email addresses.

It is claimed that there are more than 10 million new emails. However, as there is no independent study of the leaked data, it is not possible to ascertain how much data is new, according to the international media.

According to the international media, Twitter has not given any official statement on this matter so far. Alan Gall, a cyber expert at cybercrime information firm Hudson’s Rock, said that the leaked emails are official.

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He informed that there are 200 million e-mail addresses in the leaked data. He has also warned that many Twitter accounts can be hacked through this.

It is said that many people have downloaded the data that is available for free. It is mentioned that Dharai also thanked the unknown person as such data can be used for various purposes.

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