Man arrested for ‘boxing’, woman arrested

Janakpurdham. In Mahottari, a man has been beaten and fed excrement on the charge of boxing. Rupasi Thakur Lohar, 55, of Orahi Municipality-9 has been beaten and fed excrement by a neighbor accusing him of being a boxer.

Neighbors Ramshila Devi Mandal, her son Ramkrishna Mandal, Sukhiya Devi of the same place and her son Krishna Mandal entered the house and beat the blacksmith and stuffed excrement in his mouth, police said.

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According to Mahottari Police Spokesperson DSP Prakash Bista, the incident took place on Thursday evening. Initially, the two sides were abusive. Then a group fed the blacksmith excrement. A woman involved in the incident has been arrested.

The arrested Ramshila’s husband had died a few days ago. Shortly afterwards, his son was involved in a motorcycle accident. According to the police, Ramshila had asked the blacksmith to feed excrement saying that the two incidents were caused by Thakur using sorcery.

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DSP Bista said that others involved in the incident were also being searched.

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