Madhyapur Thimi changing form

October 26, Bhaktapur. Madhyapurthimi is the oldest of the four municipalities of Bhaktapur district, a city rich in art, heritage and culture.

There is a lot of historical heritage here. But those treasures have not received much attention. Not only that, the existence of the ancestral heritage was also trapped. The appearance of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality has changed after the recent campaign of heritage protection.

“Efforts are being made to fulfill the long wait for the protection and promotion of our dilapidated heritage after the arrival of the people’s representative,” said Madan Sundar Shrestha, Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality.

According to Mayor Shrestha, the municipality has made a master plan to renovate and repair Pati, Sattal, temple, old palace, stone fountain, pond, entrance staircase and dabli in the old Mallakalin style. Shrestha said, “The development of art, culture and heritage of Madhyapur has been possible due to the positive role of all and not the opposition on the issue of development and heritage.”

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Shankhadhar Chowk of Madhyapur Thimi, named after Shankhadhar Shakhwa, the promoter of Nepal Samvat, is a place known to many. But no one was able to pay attention to the dumping site behind Shalik. Now this sloping place has got the appearance of an attractive park.

Ever since we were elected by the people, we have been thinking of changing this dumping site, ‘said Mayor Shrestha.

The two ponds of Madhyapurthimika, which carry the story of history, were turned into mud in the rainy season and grassland in the winter. There were political meetings and sports activities. But now one of the two has got the shape of a pond. Another pond is about to take shape. At present, these ponds have become a place of choice not only for the people of Madhyapur but also for the domestic tourists.

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Thousands of people participate in the famous Biscuit Jatra of Bhaktapur. Many may not have known that a house near the tongue piercing site was once a palace. Now the old style palace has been built in the same place.

After inspecting the palace, Madansunder Shrestha said, “There is a lot of support from the locals to build this palace.” It’s going to be ready sooner than I thought.

There used to be a dumping site near the tongue piercing place. But now the construction work of the park has reached the final stage. Even during the construction, it has become a place of choice for domestic tourists.

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According to Mayor Madan Sundar Shrestha, an attractive park has been constructed at the place where the locals go only once or twice during the pilgrimage.

The dilapidated temples, pavilions and sattals of Madhyapurthimi area have been restored and renovated in the old style. The Vishnukunda here has undergone a facelift after repairs. “Vishnukund was in ruins,” said Mayor Shrestha. “I used to swim in this pool as a child.” After its restoration, I remembered my childhood while swimming during the inauguration. ‘

Not only large estates but also small estates are being planned and the construction work is being expedited by excavating the ponds and giving them old look. Old dug wells and stone fountains have also been repaired and rehabilitated.

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