Low blood pressure can also cause a stroke

Most of us know that high blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke. But a recent study found that low blood pressure can also cause stroke.

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine This is according to research by Hugo J. Apricio. According to researchers, 10 percent of low blood pressure patients have a risk of stroke.



To understand the link between low blood pressure and stroke, scientists studied 30,000 elderly people who suffered from ischemic stroke.

“Patients’ health statistics show that smokers, heart patients or people with dementia or cancer have a higher risk of stroke,” the researchers said.

Research has shown that not only high blood pressure but also low blood pressure can lead to stroke. Researchers say that in order to reduce the risk of stroke, it is necessary to take care of low blood pressure and protect oneself from its risk factors.

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Research has shown that staying away from smoking reduces the risk of not only stroke but also heart disease and cancer.

Ways to avoid low blood pressure

Keep the amount of salt in your diet normal. Salt plays an important role in keeping the body’s blood pressure normal.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water or other fluids (milk, juice, lassi) throughout the day to keep the body hydrated.
Avoid stress and stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and other alcoholic beverages.
Essentially include green vegetables and fruits in your diet.
Avoid high carbohydrate foods.

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