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List of few cheapest cities in Canada for international students

International Students

Are you afraid to pick Canada as the study destination because it might eat up your entire treasure of savings? If this is your fear then we have happy news for you. Canada is one such nation that has very cheap education and accommodation facilities as compared to most of the prominent nations. To help International students you save much we have compiled up the list of a few affordable cities of Canada that you can highly pick for studying on an international level. We are sure that these cities will devotedly help you save much and make you live in a happy go situation.

Without a doubt, this splendid nation is one of the world’s greatest educational locations all over the world. With several excellent universities and a diverse range of courses, the country attracts a considerable number of international students. When we talk of studying in Canada, though, the issue of higher costs inevitably comes to mind.

Here are some alternatives for you if you’re looking for the cheapest cities in Canada for international students. Continue reading this blog with utmost concern so that you can get a better hand on a wide variety of things in a limited duration. If you still think that you need personalised assistance then without thinking further connect with the expertise owning study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

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Here is the list of few affordable cities that you can easily pick for studying at an affordable price: 

Your dream of attaining international education can be fulfilled if you consider walking in the correct direction. Read the below-given information so that you don’t have to suffer afterwards.

 Sherbrooke, Quebec

This particular place is located around 160 km from Montreal. Students visit this town because of its popularity in terms of educational platforms. It is often considered the unofficial student town in Quebec. You would be surprised to know that this small town has eight remarkable educational institutions with more than 40,000 students.

The students experience a new kind of versatile life in this small place. From enjoying life to studying rigorously, you will meet every type of population in this town. You would be happy to know that the cost of living in this particular town is 15.6% which is below the national level average. Moreover, the students can easily enjoy living in the one-bedroom set for just CAD 800 (Rs 47,000). If you really want to attain more information about this particular point then consider linking with the right study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

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Montreal, Quebec best for International students

When it comes to finding the cheapest city to live in Canada, Quebec stands out as one of the most cost-effective provinces. The cultural environment in Montreal is one of the benefits of living there. Montreal is a university town since it has multiple colleges and universities. Many international students study here during their university years.

The McGill Ghetto is known after the large number of McGill University students who live in the neighbourhood. The student can easily enjoy the nightlife and splendid living status in this particular city. We would highly advise you to note every aspiring point in the notebook. sO that you can easily manage the entire budget in one go. Do you aim to know more about this city in a meticulous manner? If yes, then without any further ado link with the best study visa consultant .

Calgary, Alberta

This versatile nation is Alberta’s largest city, is a ski destination as well as home to some of the country’s greatest colleges. In comparison to other Canadian cities, it has the youngest population. The Alberta College of Art and Design accepts students who desire to pursue a creative curriculum. This is one of Canada’s most prestigious design and art schools.

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The Calgary Stampede, which is known after Texan culture, has earned the city the nickname “Texas of Canada.” A one-bedroom apartment costs between CAD 800 (Rs 47,000) and CAD 2,967 per month in this city (Rs 1.75 lakh). Are you thinking of finding more information about Calgary then continue connecting with the best  study visa consultant ..

Laval, Quebec

Laval, which is 30 kilometres northwest of Montreal, is one of Quebec’s major cities. This city has a lower cost of living than the national average by 9%. In comparison to the national average, Quebec’s educational institutions have the lowest tuition fees. International students might save a significant amount of money by relocating to Quebec.

A one-bedroom apartment rents for CAD 1,273 per month in Laval (Rs 75,000). If you are searching for an affordable place to stay then this is the right platform for you. We would highly advise you to check it properly so that you will not have to struggle afterwards. We understand that it might be extremely hard for you to spend a lot of money while studying abroad. So the best option is to look for a suitable job so that you will be able to manage your expenses in the right way.


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