Let’s take care of mental health in this way

Kathmandu. Currently, a ban has been issued in most districts, including the capital Kathmandu, for the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Many people have mental problems when they stay at home for a long time. The Ministry of Health has also given some suggestions to the citizens to make good use of their leisure time and stay healthy and positive.

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Here are the suggestions from the Ministry of Health:

– Do regular physical exercise, yoga and meditation.
– Participate in household chores and family discussions.
– Let’s play interesting games, read books, write, watch creative movies.
– Eat easily digestible and nutritious food.
– Get enough sleep.

– If it is difficult to manage stress, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist
– Stay in regular contact with relatives and friends, even if you are far away.
– Reduce the use of social media and do not watch more news.
– Let’s keep our daily routine busy and active by making daily schedule.

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