Joy Reid claims that most Americans have NEVER heard the word 'inflation' until GOP introduced it

Joy Reid makes a startling claim that Americans had NEVER heard the word ‘inflation’ until the GOP ‘taught it’ to them after it spiked to a 40-year high under the Biden administration.

  • Days before the midterm, the MSNBC anchor said Republican operatives and politicians had “taught” American voters about term inflation ahead of the election.
  • Reid asserted that the term is not part of the lexicon of ordinary Americans, even though the number rose to a four-decade high during the Biden presidency.
  • Reid and fellow MSNC host Nicole Wallace say Republicans are campaigning on inflation, without offering real solutions to combat it.
  • Inflation, which hit 8.2% in September and was higher the month before, is hurting the ability of many Americans to provide for their families.

Controversial MSNBC host Joy Reid has claimed that the word “inflation” is not a standard part of the “normal lexicon” of Americans, and that most people who use it have learned it from political operatives during this cycle. half-period.

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Speaking to his network colleague Nicole Wallace, Reid said that “the only people I’ve ever heard use the word inflation are journalists and economists.”

The progressive anchor added that most people have “never used that word in their lives” before this election cycle, in which Republicans are heavily favored for a number of reasons, including the bleak economic outlook.

While Reid, host of ‘The ReidOut,’ argued that Republicans have ‘taught people about global inflation,’ polls leading up to Tuesday’s election have consistently shown that voters’ top concerns right now include inflation, the economy in general and crime.

The reality though is that inflation has hit a 40-year high in the US, putting many Americans in dire financial straits as they struggle to pay rent, utilities and food for their families. Reid chose to dismiss the concept and, in particular, the word as an elitist economic concept that would never make it into the minds or mouths of ordinary Americans without pressure from Republican politicians.

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September’s inflation rate hit 8.2%, a figure the Biden administration called “progress.” The inflation rate for October will be announced on November 10.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said that Republicans had taught Americans the word inflation before the midterm this year and that it wouldn't otherwise be part of ordinary people's lexicon.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said that Republicans had taught Americans the word inflation before the midterm this year and that it wouldn’t otherwise be part of ordinary people’s lexicon.

Inflation has hit a four-decade high during Joe Biden's presidency and is taking a heavy toll on the lives of Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Inflation has hit a four-decade high during Joe Biden’s presidency and is taking a heavy toll on the lives of Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Anchor Nicole Wallace said that while Republicans have been emphasizing the problems of inflation and crime this cycle, “they haven’t presented any solutions to their voters on any of those issues.”

Wallace may have missed policies touted by Republican candidates like Lee Zeldin in New York, who has advocated repealing bail reform efforts, or Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt’s plan to combat spending. public and relieve financial pressure on consumers.

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In fact, Wallace was perfectly happy to parrot the talking points of former President Barack Obama’s election campaign as Democrats neared what could be a bloody Tuesday night.

Despite the dire financial straits many Americans find themselves in due to rising inflation numbers and an overall recessionary economy, Reid’s take on the subject is that “it’s interesting that Republicans are doing something they normally don’t they do, which is not using the common language”. , not just use plain English like they do in their campaigns like they do with crime.’

Despite her assertion that inflation is a term used only by high-level journalists and economists, the expert mentioned that the state where she lives, Florida, has become increasingly expensive.

‘My family moved here because it was an affordable place to buy a hose. No more. Now it’s more expensive to shop in Miami than it is in New York,’ she said.

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