Is it better to do yoga or gym?

The human musculoskeletal system is extraordinary. Our muscles can do amazing things. Muscles need to be strong and flexible to increase their ability to work. If you do heavy lifting exercises, your muscles look big, but they don’t have flexibility. You can notice people with big muscle lumps, they can’t greet well! They can’t even bend down.

If you want big muscles to look good, there are easy ways to do that. You can have a biceps transplant. Silicone is not only used for breast augmentation — it can also be used on arm or calf flesh or elsewhere. Even if it is useless, it does not make any difference. At least you don’t have to work hard, take drugs like cortisone and hormones, or even lift heavy weights. If you just want to look good, there are many simple ways.

Of course, in the process of making the muscles bigger and stronger, you get full strength. But, you can strengthen yourself in completely different ways, and most importantly, keeping the body flexible is essential. There are various aspects of happiness in terms of health, energy and mental level as well as spiritual dimension. When we spend half an hour to an hour in the morning, we want to make sure that it benefits our whole body, not just a few muscles.

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If you want to build muscle, shouldn’t you lift iron? You can do that, because the development of modern technology has taken away exercise and physical activity from our lives. Machines do everything. Nowadays you don’t have to carry anything except iPhone. You don’t use body parts all day long, so it is good to do light physical work.

Yoga – This is not an exercise!
Yoga is not an exercise. It has many other dimensions. Restricting yoga as an exercise would be a serious crime. But, we can do a simple exercise, which is called sub-yoga. There is no spiritual dimension attached to them. If you practice sub-yoga or massage, you will definitely stay physically fit. Also, you don’t need any tools – just 6 x 6 feet of space on the floor is enough.

You will stay perfectly healthy, and you will be able to strengthen your muscles and other things. Your own body weight is used in all the exercises of massage and sub-yoga. Then, you don’t have to pretend that there is no gym around you. You can practice it wherever you are, because you have your own body! These exercises are just as effective as weight lifting exercises in the gym to strengthen the body.

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It not only presents you as a sensible person, but also makes you very strong without creating any unnecessary stress on your physical system. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Many people have become like that. They think they are healthy, but I think they are sick! It is more important for your body to have flexibility than muscle mass and strength for your body system to function properly.

In yoga, we don’t just focus on muscle strength. It is also very important that every part of the body is healthy. In yoga, special attention is paid to keep the body parts healthy. Well, even if you build big muscles, if your liver is not working well, what is the use of that muscle? It is very important that the body is flexible and usable. It is essential that the body parts be in a comfortable position.

On the one hand, most of the vital organs of the body are located in the chest and abdomen. These limbs are neither rigid nor tightened by nut-bolts. They are as loose as a net. If you keep your spine straight, these organs will be in the most comfortable position. Nowadays, however, resting is understood to mean leaning backwards or crouching. If you sit like that, your limbs will never be comfortable. Also, he cannot work the way he should.

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Keeping the body upright does not mean that we are not comfortable. We keep the body upright because we perceive and experience the relaxed state in a completely different way. You can keep your spine straight and keep your muscles relaxed. But, you can’t make your limbs comfortable by leaning or bending over. This is not possible at all. So we make our body sit upright, so that our skeletal and muscular systems are in a relaxed state.

The process of opening yoga-existence
Yoga is not a practice to get thin or get rid of your back and headaches. Practicing yoga will keep you healthy and calm, but these are just good effects of yoga, not the main goal of yoga. You don’t have to do yoga to lose weight or stay healthy

Eat well, and play tennis or swimming. The goal of yoga is to bring to life a dimension that is beyond the physical.

Only when the dimension beyond the material is revealed within you, existence gradually appears before you in millions of forms. Things that you never even imagined existed become real to you, because the dimension beyond the material becomes alive.

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