Iran will not sign climate agreement until sanctions are lifted

Iran’s senior leader Ali Salejga has said he will not sign the Paris Climate Agreement unless all sanctions are lifted. Salejaga has taken such a stand in the ongoing climate agreement in Glasgow. He says sanctions have hampered Iran’s development in energy and other areas.

Iran is the world’s eighth largest carbon emitter. However, it is one of the few countries that has not signed the Paris Climate Agreement. Lately, foreign investment in the long-term energy sector has declined here. As a result, emissions have increased. There were protests due to lack of water, which the government forcibly took control of.

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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has not taken part in the ongoing climate change in Glasgow. But an Iranian delegation has arrived for the conference. And, the delegation called for the lifting of economic sanctions. “Iran, like many other countries in the world, has been affected by climate change. The water level in the country has started decreasing and the water level in the river has decreased by 40 percent. That is why agriculture and industry have been affected.

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There is also a shortage of drinking water, “said Ali Solejega.” Any agreement should be bilateral. You can’t even import things like medicine when you are banned. This is a basic human right. ”

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