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Innovative technologies and initiatives made public by Oppa

Kathmandu. Oppa has organized the 2021 Oppo Developer Conference (ODC) with the theme ‘Building a Better Future Together’. Through the conference, Oppo has announced its new Oppa Health & Carlink business, along with technologies such as Omoji, Ray Tracing and Heterogeneous Computing.

Levin, vice president of OPPA and president of the OPPO Research Institute, said:

Developers need to be able to adapt to different operating environments as well as longer operating times. Oppa is dedicated to helping its developers meet challenges and build a stronger future for users. ”

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For sophisticated visuals, Oppo’s Omoji and Ray tracing technology will help developers bring vitality to apps and games.
Oppa has brought AI transmitted Omoji technology through ColorOS.

It has the ability to capture and reproduce facial expressions through its deep learning models and powerful AI algorithms. This allows users to create accurate avatars in the virtual world.

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Oppa has completed the development of its prototype in mobile devices. It is planned to provide access to technical capacity for developers within six months of 2022. The company says there is potential for widespread use of ray tracing technology in areas such as 3D live wallpapers, image filters and AR.

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OPPA has also formally announced the establishment of OPPO Health, a health business focused on preventive medical care and lifestyle changes. Powered by sensors, algorithms, data and biomedical engineering, Opo Health aims to provide consistent and long-term data to users and healthcare providers for better healthcare solutions.

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