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Inculcate Self-discipline to Conquer Government Exams

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‘The difference between picking what you really want right now and choosing what you want most is self-discipline.’ Tons of successful people follow this quote religiously to get what they want the most. Well, self-discipline drives most people to get out of their bed and work relentlessly towards their dreams. It’s a mantra that can help you do the toughest things in the world. Candidates who want to gain an edge on their competition by acing the government exams need to inculcate self-discipline in themselves. Well, it’s not a hard row to hoe if you want to cultivate this habit in yourself. We have mentioned some of the easiest ways to ingrain self-discipline in yourself. We hope that it can help you prepare effectively for the upcoming government exams.

Well, self-discipline implies you have to stop yourself from doing the things that can cost you your success. Thus, you need to make continuous improvements in yourself to study perfectly for the exam. You can choose to join a coaching institute for better exam preparation. Are you aiming to appear for the banking exams? If yes, then connect with a marvellous institute that can provide bank coaching in Chandigarh. Don’t forget to do hard work with self discipline if you crave for positive results in government exams. Note self-discipline will not only help you crack the government exams, but always helps you excel in every area of life. 

Here’s how you can inculcate self-discipline in yourself while preparing for government exams:

Competitive exam preparation is a rigorous job that requires your undivided concentration. To build self-discipline and create a lifestyle that will help you succeed not only in government exams as well as in life, follow the tips outlined below.

  • Remove temptations

Self-discipline gets really easy when the things that distract you while studying are out of sight and out of hearing. Do you often get distracted by your cell phone? If yes, then simply turn it off. It is advisable to limit the use of social media while studying for the exam. Additionally, spare some time to clear clutter from your study table. It is really hard to concentrate if the area around you is messy and mismanaged. Doing these simple things can help you develop self discipline in yourself while preparing for government exams. 

  • Eat brain food while preparing for exams

According to several studies. Our mental energy tanks gradually empty when we exercise self-discipline. Forcing ourselves to give up what we want right now in exchange for something we want later depletes our glucose reserves, which is the brain’s preferred fuel. This is why, while we are sitting steadfastly ignoring our phones and resisting the need to check Instagram, we are more likely to reach for the chocolates in the refrigerator than if we were not practising self-discipline at all. So, when we sit down to study, we should eat some brain foods like scrambled eggs, a little piece of dark chocolate, or even a shot of caffeine to ensure that our glucose levels are stable enough to keep us focused on the task at hand. Therefore, you need to focus on your diet as well while preparing for government exams. 

  • Do away with perfect timing

Always remember, there is never a perfect time to start exam preparation. If you wait for an appropriate time, you will keep waiting for the rest of your life. Your friends may convince you to go out for a movie or watch the final season of a particular show. If you wait till the moment when everything is right, you will never get time to prepare for the exam. It is advisable to start exam preparation as early as possible. This is how you can complete exam syllabus on time and have sufficient time in the end for revision. 

  • Nothing should be important than studying

Imagine yourself in a scenario where you are sitting at your desk and there’s a sniper behind you pointing at your head. If you have to choose between saying goodbye to the world and studying for the next several hours (with short breaks). What will you choose? Of course, you will choose to study for exams. For sure you won’t consider anything more important than your life. Well, if you can study with a threat, then you can study in the comfort of your room or library. Note that it’s all about your mental health. So, boost yourself with pep-talk. Keep on telling yourself, ‘I need to study now as my exam result depends on it.’ Giving yourself a little push can help you prepare properly for the upcoming exams. Always remember, nothing should be more important than studying if you want to crack the exam in a single go. 

  • Give yourself a break

You need to give yourself breaks to improve your focus. However, this doesn’t mean you need to abandon every important task and do something else. While making a study timetable, set smaller study sessions. For instance: You can force yourself to study vigorously for 45 minutes, then give yourself a break of 5-7 minutes. You can close your eyes and listen to music in your short break. Also, you can munch on some brain foods. Thus, you can rejuvenate your mind during break which can help you focus properly during study hours. 

  • Give yourself rewards

The quality of the reward you offer yourself for exerting self-control might sometimes be the key to becoming self-disciplined. Self-control is a prize in and of itself for many people. So , devise a technique for rewarding yourself . take help from a stopwatch. Spend 20 minutes uninterrupted studying for your final exam. Award yourself a point if you’ve made it this far. After a brief rest, repeat the process. Give yourself a point if you can make it another 20 minutes. You’ll get your prize once you’ve earned three points, which means you’ve studied for an hour without succumbing to distractions. It may be a Starbucks cappuccino, a single episode of your favorite web series or even the simple pleasure of spending a few minutes on social media. Reward system can make you a disciplined person. 

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You can choose to join a coaching institute to study for the exam with discipline. Are you going to appear for the SSC exam? If yes, then enrol yourself in an eminent institute that can provide SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


We hope you find the above tips useful to inculcate self-discipline while studying for the exam. Also, be consistent with your hard work while preparing for the exam. Your efforts can help you crack the toughest government exam. 

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