Importance of Mothers’ & Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers are revered in every culture on the planet. They are regarded as the ultimate symbol of self-sacrifice. They are known all over the world for their love and affection. Mother’s Day is observed differently in each country.

A mother is both her children’s first school and social circle. She keeps her child in her womb for nine months and loves and cares for her child with all her heart and soul. Since her children’s birth, she has been able to decipher their every movement. She loves her children without any conditions and leads them down the right path in life.  She looks after her children and makes sure that no matter what  they are safe . Mother’s Day is a day when we thank our mothers and express our love and gratitude to them.

Mother’s Day’s Origin

Mother’s Day was first observed in Greece, and it is now observed in every country around the world. Every mother devotes her entire life to her child. No one can measure the intensity of a mother’s sacrifice, nor can we repay our mothers’ priceless favors and love. It is our responsibility to look after our mothers and to respect and love them. Mother’s Day is observed to make our mothers feel special and to giver her with our unshared attention. Though it is celebrated on the Sunday of May each year, we should observe Mother’s Day every day to make our mothers feel special.

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Celebration Methods

Every child wishes to commemorate Mother’s Day in a unique way. Some bring gifts for their mothers, while others cook and cut cakes for them. Some people celebrate it at home, while others go out to do so. Mothers day gifts, more than anything else, have a special place in the hearts of our mothers. Some people take their mothers out for the day and spend quality time with them.


When a child returns home, the first person he or she looks for is his or her mother. She looks after her children from the time they are born until she dies. We can’t even begin to count their numerous contributions to our lives or everything they do from morning to night. Even when they are tired, mothers continue to perform all of their duties and responsibilities throughout the day. She never expect anything in return for all that she does and pampering they lavish on us. We can, however, express our gratitude to our mothers for everything they do for us.

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We must obey our mothers and treat them with dignity. It is a mother who shapes her children’s character and personality. All mothers play an important role in their children’s growth and development. She takes care of everything her child requires. A mother is her children’s first teacher. She adores her children and stands by them in times of adversity, guiding them through thick and thin. It is a mother who prevents her children from wrongdoing and discourages them when they are on the wrong track. She chastises them and directs them in the right direction, which is why a mother is referred to as a child’s first teacher.

A mother’s entire world revolves around her children. It is our responsibility to care for our mothers, to never let them be unhappy, to never disrespect them, and to never abandon them when they are difficult to us. A mother always motivates and encourages her children to pursue their dreams and work harder in life. A mother’s happiness is always contingent on her children; if her child is unhappy, she will never be happy.

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When a child returns home, no matter how old he is, he wants to see his mother first. When a child is in trouble, he seeks assistance from his mother. She forgets about her own desires in order to fulfil the desires of others. She feeds her children by preparing their favorite dishes and tells them new stories. She also assists in the preparation of her children’s school projects and in their studies. Mothers instil in their children courtesy, equity, morality, and humanity. In fact, every child considers his mother to be the most valuable gift in his life.

You can also bring your mom a special mothers day cake and thank her for her presence in your life. 

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