If You Like Shopping, Visit The Street Markets In These States Of India

Not only this state of India, but the street markets here are also very famous where you can do a lot of shopping in less money.

Wherever women go for a walk, first of all they are in search of such places, where they can bargain openly. There are many such states in India where not only there are philosophical places to visit, but there are also many such markets, which are very famous.

These street markets not only provide things at cheap prices but also beautifully narrate the culture and dress of the state. Do you know that there are many such markets in every city of India, which are called Cheapest Markets of India. Some special markets of India, which we are sharing with you through this article. Whenever you visit these states, then definitely go to the street market here.

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway, one of the most popular markets in Mumbai, is teeming with not only the locals but also the city’s fashionistas. Here you will find everything from cotton printed fabric to net fabric, silk fabric, crepe fabric, velvet designer fabric cut in meters from police stations.

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Also, here you will find many varieties of readymade clothes. Be it readymade clothes for kids or adults. There are many outfits for women from normal clothes to wedding.

Apart from this, apart from unstitched and readymade garments, you will also find jewelery easily as there are many shops ranging from gold to artificial jewellery. You can buy almost any quality of faux jewelry here at cheap prices.Apart from this, here you will easily find accessories like buttons, pearls, bells etc. to put on women’s clothes.

Hazratganj Bazar, Lucknow

Hazratganj Market, one of the oldest and popular market of Lucknow, is located in Parivartan Chowk of the city. It is said that it was built by Amjad Ali Shah in 1810. Hazratganj Bazar has many small markets, shopping malls, classy showrooms, hotels, PVR theatres, restaurants, food courts and many reputed offices.

You can come to this market and buy everything like jewellery, antiques, handicraft items and other items at the best prices. Apart from this, here you can also buy Lucknowi kurtas, especially chikan clothes. You will easily find the best cultural things of the state in this market.

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Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

Jaipur city which is known for its vibrant culture and street markets. There are many such street markets for tourists in this city, where tourists can easily buy things of their choice. Bapu Bazaar is one of the most popular markets of Jaipur. Here you will get to see the culture and handicrafts of Rajasthan.

You can buy bedsheets, jaipuri juttis (ethnic footwear), salwar suits, cushions, home decor artifacts, ethnic jewellery, lac bangles and readymade suits at very reasonable prices here. Apart from this, this market is also famous for its Ayurvedic herbs and natural Henna. With this mehndi design on the side of the market, you can also get beautiful mehndi applied on your hands.

Tibet Walk, Ooty

Ooty’s Tibetan Market is very famous, where you can easily find palazzos, tops and many ethnic Indian attires along with clothes. Also, you’ll see many varieties ranging from denim to bags. If you are looking for handmade items, then this is the best option for you. Where you will easily find sweaters to caps, shawls, socks and many types of boots. Along with shopping, there is also a lot of arrangement for food and drink here. So you must come here once for shopping.

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Gaffar Market, Delhi

If you are planning to buy new electronic items at home then Ghaffar Market is the best option for you. Here you can easily find gadgets, especially mobile items, whether it is a charger or a lead, everything will be available. Also, hair machines like hair dryers, pressing machines and all the electronic items in the house will be easily available at low prices. Best wedding shopping markets in India.

So this was some of the best street markets of the states located in India, from where you can do a lot of shopping at affordable prices.

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