I made a mistake by selling the digital rights of ‘Aishwarya’: Ramesh Upreti

Nepali producers sell the digital rights of the film even before it starts shooting. Some companies sell digital rights for good money and start filming. However, they did not pay attention to the fact that they lost many other rights while selling digital rights.

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Protagonist and producer Ramesh Upreti has said that he made a mistake by selling the digital rights of his movie ‘Aishwarya’. “When I started my career in film, technology was not developed. After coming to Nepal from the US, I made a film called ‘Aishwarya’, ‘he said,’ this was my biggest mistake. Budhasubba (Budhasubba Digital) is buying the rights of my film for 99 years. And all the other rights will be taken away. ‘

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Ramesh said that he had made a mistake in this regard. He further said, “Time has taught me everything. In the greed of Rs. Now, I will not make such a mistake. ‘


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