How To Sell Amazon Products On Your Blog

The decision to sell on Amazon is a very interesting and important strategic and business matter. It’s not just about offering something of value to your readers, you have to do it right. In addition, you must make them discover you, make them interested in what you offer and allow them to go through the whole process of the sales funnel to be your potential buyers. For this reason it is important that you know how to sell Amazon products on your blog and know how referral marketing works.

Although it sounds easy to sell Amazon items compared to getting a store and doing it physically, it is not since this platform has several limitations and conditions of its own that you must comply with. All this so that you can sign up for their referral program and proceed to carry out their own recruitment and advertising actions to complete the sales funnel. On the latter, in Blogger Pro you find articles related to this topic, which I recommend you take a look at.

What is Amazon referral marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business relationship established between a company and an associate who advertises its products in order to obtain a commission on sales. In this case, you do not charge a fixed amount of money, neither per click nor impressions, but you get an economic benefit every time a user becomes a customer. This process is a reliable method for the company since it does not spend economic resources if it does not obtain benefits from advertising and it is a profitable model if the advertiser develops its strategy well.

As an example of the above, think about your blog, whatever the theme you occupy. If you decide to affiliate with Amazon, you must place banners or develop content that incorporates your affiliate link. In this way, every time a reader clicks, they can be redirected to that company’s website to buy the advertised product.

How does the Amazon referral program work?

Like other advertising strategies, Amazon referral marketing works by dividing the work of advertising specific products. In this way, it is possible to attract an audience to the official website of that company and the sales process becomes easier. In this case, 3 main actors participate which are: the seller, affiliate and consumers, which I describe below.

Sellers: are those interested in advertising their products, which initially do so through the Amazon platform. In this case, a distributor, entrepreneur, creator or other company has the same objective within that website.

  • Affiliates: are in charge of creating commercial or advertising content to attract customers and get them interested in the products offered. It can be a person or a company and its only objective is to convince consumers about the advantages of using the products they promote. They generally have a specific audience and target related articles to try to sell them and monetize them.
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Consumers: are the people who want to purchase the product offered by the affiliates. It is generally a specific niche market that follows an influencer account, company, blogger, etc.

When a consumer finds attractive content and discovers that they need the product advertised in it, they may click on your affiliate link. If you buy the article advertised on your blog, the economic benefits obtained are shared between you and the seller. However, in this process the buyer does not receive exclusive prices or extra costs and obtains the requested product as if it were outside the affiliate mode.

How does Amazon remunerate the affiliate’s work?

Amazon remunerates the work of the affiliate by applying the payment for sales, which is why you must get your readers to click on some of your affiliate links. Work with a fixed commission percentage according to the product categories. These are quite superior compared to other affiliate programs that typically pay up to 3% or less on all their articles.

Although the Amazon program continues to evolve over time, these are currently the tabulated commissions:

11% in the fashion category.

  • 10% in the handmade department.
  • 7% on health, personal or baby care.
  • 7% in the books category.
  • 7% in the pet area.
  • 7% in the office and stationery department.
  • 7% in the home area.
  • 6% in Hobbies.
  • 4% on items whose brand is Amazon.
  • 3.5% in the IT and electronics sector.

3% in the rest of the departments.

The commissions shown above are subject to increase if you exceed certain limits proposed by Amazon. Although in this case it is about billing thousands of dollars or euros that need to have a large amount of related content to attract potential customers.

How to join the Amazon affiliate program?

In order for you to be part of the Amazon affiliate program, you must meet certain fundamental requirements such as these:

Have an Amazon account: to access the services offered by the platform and I will explain later how to create it.

  • Be of legal age: it is a fundamental requirement of the Amazon platform since it does not sell to minors.
  • Have a website or mobile application: because you must have an online means to promote the products and place your affiliate link.

Comply with the content policy: it is related to the theme of your website or application. These should not deal with illegal activities, violence, pornography, defamation, discrimination, breach of intellectual property rights.

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How to create an account to access the Amazon affiliate program?

The process to create the Amazon affiliate program account is very easy to do. To achieve this, you must follow these steps:

First you must go to the Amazon affiliate page, which must correspond to your country of residence. Please note that some countries have different limitations than other regions.

The next step is to enter your Amazon account reinstatement information and if you do not have one, you must create it from the Home of the official website, in the section Identify yourself> Start here.

  • After performing the previous step, you must confirm the data to receive payments such as: country, department, address, name, etc.
  • You have to place your owned websites or apps where you are going to place your affiliate link to promote the products and you must enter the full URL.
  • You must create your affiliate profile and provide information about the posts that you are going to generate on your websites and products that you want to promote. In this step it is important that you choose well the categories that you like the most and that are related to your themes. You must also provide data on how you monetize your online sites.
  • Later, Amazon will inform you about your affiliate link which you will use in your content to generate economic benefits.

At the bottom of the page of the previous step you will find an orange button in which you must enter how you want to receive the payment. For example Amazon gift voucher or blank and bank account, although these may vary according to the region where you are.

How to profitably sell Amazon products on your blog?

To be able to sell Amazon products on your blog, you should look for those that are related to the theme of your online site. Keep in mind that some articles may sell better than others based on their overall sales volume and their visibility in the search engine SERP.

One of the strategies you can use to sell products profitably is the following:

Search for your best content using a web page analysis tool such as Google Analytics. It is important that you choose the posts that are better positioned, receive a lot of online traffic and place them in a list.

  • Then you have to analyze the previously selected web pages and choose those in which you can add an affiliate link. In this case, you should make sure that the content of the latter deals with a product, service or popular market niche, for example tools for the home or electronics.
  • Insert or reuse the images used in the content already selected and link them with your affiliate link. It also helps you create anchor texts in which you place the hyperlink whenever it relates to the product in question. You can even use identifying purchase buttons with the Amazon logo or not, to create a CTA after mentioning the promoted items.
  • Unless you already have an ecommerce page or prepared for the sale of the articles, it is important that you write your content mentioning the products in a subtle way. The idea is that you inform the user until you convince him that your products are ideal to help them satisfy some need, following the natural process of the sales funnel.
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It is better if you let your users know that you earn money every time they buy an item promoted through your affiliate links. By doing so, some may be encouraged to collaborate with you if your products can satisfy them.

Recommendations to get visibility and sale of your Amazon products

Here I describe 3 tips so that you can make the web pages of the products you promote visible and have a better chance of selling them:

Do SEO for Amazon by inserting keywords related to the products you promote, optimizing the images and their descriptions. It is also important that you choose the categorization well in your affiliate account so that you improve the visibility of your related content.

  • Describe your content by offering detailed information to your readers about the products you promote. For example, you can create user guides, comparisons, texts dedicated to a specific niche in which the items you want to sell are used, etc.

Recommend products with good evaluations by users on Amazon. With this you prevent your readers from acquiring an article of little use, low quality or that possibly does not meet their needs and this affects your popularity.

Knowing how to sell Amazon products on your blog is essential if you want to increase your monthly income. It is the most comfortable way to offer something of value, apart from your content, to your target audience. The important thing is that you know how Amazon referral marketing works, earn income as an affiliate, know the commissions and do a good job to be part of this program.

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