How to properly raise a child? Here are 10 tips for parents

For proper upbringing of children, it is necessary to think according to the situation. Of course, the same rule does not apply to all children. Whether it’s taking care of children, showing affection, or being tough, every child needs to be treated differently.

Suppose I am standing under a coconut tree and you ask me, “How much water should be put in a tree?” My answer would be, “One plant needs at least fifty liters of water.” Now, if you put fifty liters of water on a rose bush when you get home, it will surely die. You need to find out what plants are in your home and what they need.

1 child is a blessing for you
It is your good fortune that the baby has come to that house through you as a happy spring. Children are not your property; Do not seek to gain authority over them. Raise them with support and enjoy them. Don’t make your children an investment for the future.

2 Let them be what they want to be
Let them be what they are. Don’t try to impose your understanding of life on your children. No matter what you do in your life, your child does not need to do the same. Your kids have to do something you never dreamed of. Only then will this world move forward.

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3 Give true love, not what you ask for
People have a misconception that loving children means fulfilling their every wish. Whatever they ask for, if you start giving everything, it is a big foolishness. Isn’t it When you are filled with love and affection, you can only do what is necessary. When you truly love someone, you are ready to be unpleasant in their eyes. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

4 Do not rush to raise children
It is very important that a child be allowed to be a child; Do not rush to rejuvenate the child at once, as it cannot be reversed later. If he behaves like a child when he is a child, that is a good thing. However, it is not appropriate to start behaving like a child even after becoming young. Let the child grow up comfortably; There is no need for a child to be young in a hurry.

5 It is time to learn, not to teach
What do you know about life to teach your children? You can only teach a few ways of earning a living. Please compare yourself with your children and see – who is happier? Your baby, isn’t it? If your child can be happier than you, who is more capable of giving advice about life — you or your child?

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When a baby arrives in your life, it’s time to learn, not teach. When a child comes home, you unknowingly laugh, play, sing, even crawl under the bed for him. You do all the things that you forgot to do. So, it’s time to learn about life.

6 Children are naturally spiritual
If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Usually, it is the parents, the teachers, the society or the television or someone who is imposing something on them. Create an environment where such outside interference is rare — where children are encouraged to grow in their intelligence, not to establish an identity with a religion. At that time, the child automatically becomes spiritual without knowing the word spirituality.

7 Create an atmosphere of love and support
If you yourself become an example of fear, frustration, anger, jealousy or anxiety, how can you expect happiness and joy from your child? They will learn the same thing. The best thing you can do is create an atmosphere of love, affection, laughter and happiness.

8 Make your child your friend
Stop blaming your children. Also, instead of acting like a boss in front of them, be your best friend. Don’t rule over them by putting yourself above the child. Instead, lower yourself to them so that they can talk to you more easily.

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9 Don’t seek prestige
You want love and affection from your children, don’t you? However, many parents say, “Learn to respect me.” You came into this world some time ago, you are physically older than a child, and you know some of the ways to make a living — other than that you have a better life than your children, huh?

10 Be the center of attraction for the child
The child is affected by many things – family, television, neighbors, teachers, school and millions of other things. The child follows what he finds most appealing. As a parent, you need to make it a point to spend time with your parents. If you are a happy, intelligent and wonderful person, he does not seek out others. For everything, he will ask you.

If you really want your kids. If you want to ensure good care and upbringing for him, you must first transform yourself into a calm, loving and happy person.

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