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How to Overcome Competitive Exam Fear/Anxiety?

Competitive Exam

Competitive Exams are typically seen as a source of ‘anxiety’ among candidates. Because of their nervousness, many aspirants claim that they forget all they read as soon as they see the exam paper. Prior to a test, a small degree of worry / anxiety is a good motivator. However, when worry becomes overwhelming and is not channelled into constructive work, it causes a general suppression of mental processes. Everyone who appears for a competitive exam feels some worry or anxiousness. This is normal and required in order to be sufficiently driven to perform. Competitive Exam Anxiety is the excess nervousness that some candidates  have when they have to appear for an exam. Well, we can help you to annihilate exam anxiety. Just adhere to the tips and tricks written in this article.

Candidates work from their fingers to bones while preparing for exams. Some prepare well by relying on self study and some join a leading coaching institute. So, do you want to crack the bank exam? If yes, then enrol yourself in a marvellous institute that can provide bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. When you start exam preparation, make sure there’s nothing that can lower your enthusiasm to crack the exam. No doubt, your feet can turn cold by thinking about fierce competition in the exam. But, never let exam fear affect exam preparation. Well, read some of the suitable ways to overcome exam stress.

These tips can act as panacea for the exam fear you are facing while preparing for competitive exams:

It is imperative to overcome exam stress and anxiety. You can easily focus while studying for the exam. Here are some useful ways that can help you fight exam stress. 

  • Relax and craft a useful study plan

It is critical to initially settle and unwind your mind by taking deep breaths to relieve mental stress. Now, write down your plan of action with a clear and stress-free mind. You must organise your schedule to ensure that you have enough time to study adequately before your examinations as well as time for revision sessions. Therefore, having a good timetable can enable the students to take breaks in between studying sessions, which will help them avoid stress and make better use of their time. Make sure you craft a useful study plan that can help you crack the competitive exam. 

  • Take proper rest and eat well

It is really hard to study for the exam with a tired and exhausted mind. So, make sure you set shorter study sessions to avoid fatigue. Also, avoid sacrificing your sleep in the haste to prepare effectively for the exam. You need to sleep for at least 7 hours in a day. It can aid in proper functioning of your brain. Also, you can concentrate easily while studying for the exam.

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Moreover, you need to take care of your health while studying for the competitive exam. So, eat nutritious food during the preparation period. We would advise you to avoid junk food while preparing for the exam. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water during a day. It can aid in flushing toxins from your body. 

  • Never compare yourself with others

Students usually phone their friends and discuss their exam preparation (progress, amount of planning, and so on). When they watch their classmates’ success and improvement, a lot of candidates become anxious. So, pay attention to your preparation and don’t make a big deal about what others are doing to study for the exam? Start concentrating on yourself and prepare effectively for the exam. 

  • Keep yourself away from distractions

When you sit to study for exams, for sure you will come across a lot of distractions. Note that it is highly important to kill every distraction while studying for the exam. So, analyze which thing distracts you the most? Is it your smartphone? If yes, then keep your phone on silent while preparing for the exam. Also, it is advisable to avoid phone calls during your study time. However, you can attend phone calls in case of an emergency. This is how you can focus properly during your study hours.

  • Be positive always

You need to keep yourself positive throughout the preparation period. Well, do you know the best way to keep yourself positive? Simply by doing meditation. Meditation is a fantastic approach to relieve stress! It can work wonders if you do it on a daily basis! Your mind and body will be peaceful and disciplined as a result of it! If meditation isn’t your thing, there are a variety of stress-relieving exercises you can try. A good alternative is to pursue your leisure activity. Dedicate some time each day to pressure-relieving workouts. This is how you can keep your chin up while preparing for the exam. 

  • Relish a power nap

You may feel tired when you start studying for the exam. Well, you have an option to take a power nap when you feel tired. Make sure your nap doesn’t exceed beyond 30 minutes. It can result in wastage of time. Most of the candidates feel tired during the afternoon after having lunch. So, you can choose to have a power nap after having lunch. It can actually aid in relieving stress and helps you focus properly while studying for the competitive exam. 

  • Solve some mock tests

Your exam preparation is incomplete without solving mock tests. So, try to solve as many mock tests as possible while preparing for the exam. It can help in improving your speed and accuracy for solving questions. Also, it can boost confidence in you to appear for the actual exam.

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You can join a reputable coaching institute while preparing for the exam. An ideal institute always conducts weekly mock tests. Their teachers can help you to improve your weaker areas. Are you thinking of appearing for the SSC exam? If yes, then start studying for the exam with the help of a splendid institute that can provide SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.

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These are some of the excellent tips you can follow to eliminate exam related stress and anxiety. So, start exam preparation with a positive mindset. Moreover, follow a fruitful timetable while studying for the exam.

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