How to Design Candle Packaging Boxes

Good candle packaging boxes will be aesthetically pleasing. You can create a design that looks attractive enough to be placed in retail stores. If you are selling your candle in an online store, you can create a box that’s appealing enough to be displayed on your website.

Customized Candle Packaging:

Whether your candles are a gift for a special occasion or you need to ship them over a long distance, custom-designed boxes for your candles are a necessity. Candle Packaging Boxes ensure the highest level of protection and are more durable against external impact.

Using a 3D design tool, you can build your own product box, using an online calculator. Embossed printing will raise your logo, text, and design for a tactile effect. Spot UV will give your box a clear coating, while foil stamping gives your candles a metallic shine. The latter is ideal for holiday scents and similar promotional products. These boxes are available at wholesale prices if ordered in bulk.

Corrugated Cardboard:

When it comes to candle packaging boxes, there are two primary types – corrugated and rigid. Corrugated cardboard is made of three to five layers of layered paper, with a wave in the middle. This material is extremely sturdy and provides good shock resistance. As a result, corrugated boxes are also a cost-effective option.

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First, make sure the box is designed to fit the product. The most common types of candle subscription boxes are delivered via mail. The contents are filled with colored shredded paper. To protect these items during shipping, corrugated cardboard is a good choice. Corrugated cardboard is shock-resistant and withstands direct mailing without breaking. Second, corrugated cardboard gift boxes can be easily folded so they do not occupy a lot of storage space.


You can create beautiful and effective candle packaging boxes by combining the right material. Paperboard, kraft paper, and corrugated boxes can all be used to pack your candles. While they all have some similarities, there are also a few differences. The material used for the boxes should be able to withstand accidental mishandling. You can even try using a sample pack of a similar product to make sure it is the best quality.

Custom-made boxes are a great way to advertise your business. Not only will they showcase your products, but they will also create a sense of trust and quality in your customers. Choose from a variety of materials to match your company’s style. Consider using recyclable cardstock for bulk orders. You can also find boxes made of recycled paper. Cardstock for candle packaging boxes should have a label that states the name of the brand, if applicable.

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When it comes to packaging candles, windowpane candle boxes are the perfect choice. The window allows buyers to see the product inside, which enhances the overall appeal of the packaging. Additionally, it provides a strong connection between buyers and sellers, as they can view the candle within the window before making the purchase. These boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and can be custom-printed with your company’s logo or other branding information.

Foil Stamping:

Hot foil stamping is a unique way to create a visual brand on candle packaging boxes. This process involves applying a thin layer of metallic foil onto a paper surface. Hot foil stamping creates a mirror-like effect on a candle box and is perfect for gift-giving or special-edition candles. You can also use hot foil stamping on standard candles for a more subtle and elegant look.

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There are several different types of foiling available for candles. Foiling can be any color, but most people use metallic foils. There are also different foil roll finishes available. This technique goes back centuries when the gold leaf was used to cover papyrus, lending it a luxurious look. In fact, gold leaf was only used for religious and royal texts. Nowadays, foiling has become one of the most popular methods of candle packaging.

Display Boxes:

Using custom display boxes for candle packaging is a good way to increase your brand recognition. Good products always come with good display Custom Printed Boxes. Add your company’s logo, a custom label, or a fun quote or saying to your packaging.

Consider hot foil stamping. Hot foil stamping creates a gleaming sheen that gives candle boxes a mirror-like appearance. Hot-foil stamping is great for candles in limited editions or as gifts, and it can even be used on standard candles. This technique is ideal for enhancing your brand image. You can find templates and designs online or have custom candle boxes made for your company. The possibilities are endless!

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