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How to avoid confusing homophones at the time of the IELTS preparation?

Does it happen to you that when you hear words with similar sounds then you highly get confused? Yet, these words have different spellings. Then we would like to inform you that you are not at all alone. There are most of the students who basically commit silly mistakes in the spelling because of the similar-sounding words. These words are basically known as homophones. There is no denying the fact that these words can confuse the Native-English speaker also. Now in this blog, we will surely get to the roots of this blog. In this blog, you will get to know all things you should follow at the time of  IELTS Preparation homophones. If you don’t have an idea what homophones are?

Then we would like to enlighten your mindset regarding the same. This word is basically used to describe a word that usually describes a word that usually sounds similar to another word. The word homophone has basically been coined from the Greek word named as “Homo” which means the same. On the other hand, the word phone is basically known as sound. You will find a wide range of homophones in the entire English language. The entire English language has a wide range of vowels. There are many silent letters that have their origins in different languages. If you aim to know about the IELTS exam date. Then we advise you to link up with the right source.

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If you desire to clear the IELTS exam then you really need to have full-fledged knowledge about the homophones. Now let us look at some of the best examples of the homophones that are basically used in the day to day life: 

  • Bear and Bare for IELTS exam

You have used these words before in your entire essay. There might be a chance that you have used the wrong one in place of the other. Don’t worry we will surely help you know the meaning of both. So that you will not commit such type of mistake in the coming time.  The bare word means something that is uncovered and naked. A possible example of this word is “he was walking on the road barefoot”.

On the other hand, if we talk about the bear then it is an animal. So if you are using the word bear in the place of bare then you are changing the entire meaning of the sentence. So we advise you not to make such a mistake. As this can seriously put your entire preparation in vain. On the other hand, if you are striving to clear the PTE exam and want to know the right PTE exam date. Then check out the official website of the exam conducting body.

  • Meet and Meat for IELTS exam

These are words that we basically use in our day to day life. We truly understand that you might have gone through this. Moreover, you might have placed the wrong word in the wrong sentence. The word meet is basically used to indicate a basic contact that has been established between the two people. A possible example of this is “after so much of a gap they both are meeting today”. On the other hand, the word meat means the flesh of an animal.

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The possible illustration for this is ”I really don’t like eating meat”. So if you desire to work wonders in your upcoming IELTS exam then you have to have adequate knowledge of both words. If your aim lies in the IELTS Preparation

. Moreover, you are searching for the right IELTS exam date. Then you can without any deal visit the official website of the exam conducting authority.

  • Two, To and Too for IELTS exam

They are one of the most confusing words of all. Most of the students usually get stuck while using to and too words. The word too is basically used to indicate the addition part. An example of this is “Does John have to come too?” However, if we talk about the word two then it basically signifies towards the number or numeral 2. The instance for this is “the get together went on and on for two more days.” On the other hand, the word to basically signifies towards the infinitive verb that means “to swim”. This basically means to “go to the marketplace.” If you really aim to write the correct words in English then you should have the correct knowledge of the homophones. If you desire to clear the upcoming PTE exam. Moreover, aim to attain the right PTE exam date. Then link with the right platform.

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Final Thought 

We truly think that our blog might provide you with full-fledged information about how you really have to tackle the confusion part in the homophones. Carefully continue reading the entire blog as this can basically work wonders for your case.

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