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How long will it take to recover from a colonoscopy?


Colonoscopy is a common procedure that involves inserting a tube endoscopically through the anus and into the rectum, then as far as possible (generally to the cecum), and inspecting the interior of the colon with a camera. Colonoscopy can detect polyps and other abnormal growths, and it can also detect certain cancers and other problems in the lining of the colon.

I know that this procedure can prove to be a bit daunting and scary. Therefore, in this article, I am trying to answer one simple question: Is Colonoscopy Painful?

When you have a colonoscopy, you are unlikely to experience pain, as local anesthetic is used to numb the area. The most important thing to remember is to drink clear liquids since midnight on the night before the test and until 4 hours after the exam. For 3 days before the test, you should also eat 2 or 3 soft, high-fiber foods each day, such as fresh fruit or cooked vegetables.

Why Colonoscopy is Done

The most effective way to investigate intestinal problems is through colonoscopy. A doctor will insert a tube into the rectum and guide it into the large intestine. This procedure allows the doctor to check the colon, which runs from the rectum to the anus. The doctor will examine the lining of the intestines and look for any abnormalities or tumors that might be causing any issues.

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Screening for adenomatous polyps and cancers is recommended at the lowest risk of getting colorectal cancer — age 50 and over. If you are African American or have multiple close family members who have gotten colon cancer before the age of 60, your doctor may recommend earlier screening or more frequent screening. People with certain medical conditions that might put them at higher risk are also recommended to get screened earlier or more often.

The doctor may then request a follow-up colonoscopy to see if the polyp was truly benign. If the polyp was malignant, surgery may be done to remove all of the cancerous tissue or a colonoscope or other diagnostic devices can be used instead for diagnosis and treatment. Regardless of the method undertaken, following up on colonoscopies is important.

Colonoscopy, though a routine procedure, can still have symptoms that will have to be monitored and when necessary treated. If a patient has been diagnosed with some life threatening or complications such as these: colon perforation, bleeding, infection, severe heart problems and severe reactions, they should consult with their medical doctor immediately so they can be given treatment.

How Long will it take to Recover from a Colonoscopy

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After the successful surgery, all you desire is to recover and get back to normal life. A joint replacement patient requires a lot of patience, commitment and discipline. You need to allow for some time for your body to heal, strengthen and come back to its normal self. The physical recovery period may vary from person to person depending on the strength of your bones before the surgery, age, and lifestyle of the individual.

After the procedure, the test patient may experience side effects such as mild discomfort in lower extremities and bit of drowsiness. The discomfort is alleviated completely after rest, while drowsiness gets better after few days.

The body needs time to relax, time to recover and time to build up the strength that was lost. During this time, patients have to be very careful about their diet as it directly reflects on the health of the patient. It is very important that they should not intake anything that could make them more stressed or tired. It is highly recommended that proper foods rich in nutrients are preferred over junk food that are packed with too many calories and other harmful elements.

We’ve all been there, it is Thursday evening, you just had the most horrible test of your life and you have to do another one tomorrow. The pain is unbearable, there is no way that you can study for this second test with how much pain you are in. You lay down in bed and are wishing for the weekend. This article will show which over the counter medications can be helpful in relieving the pain from a massive test load.

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Getting surgery is a major undertaking for any patient, because of the fear related to pain and other side effects that it could show. However, one of the important things that patients should always keep in mind is that even with the best surgical practices, there could be some issues arising after a surgery. These could be due to any reason but they are bound to occur in some cases. The chances of this occurrence can really be minimized if you are vigilant after a surgery.

The colonoscopy is performed so as to screen for colon cancer or colorectal polyps. The procedure is not just done by doctors but also can be done in your home using ColonScope device. However, they are certain instructions listed by doctors pertaining the patient to follow post the procedure.

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