Here is the opportunity to spend free time with sex workers, such a condition must be fulfilled

Vaccines are an essential weapon in the fight against the corona virus, but people are still reluctant to be vaccinated. That is why various offers are being made to bring people to the vaccination center. It offers discounts, free beer as well as various offers, but you may be surprised to hear the offers being made in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

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According to the Independent, those who get the corona vaccine in Vienna are being offered free time with sex workers. A brothel called Fun Plast has come up with this amazing offer. The brothel is also providing vaccination facilities.

According to the offer, the vaccinated person will be able to spend up to 30 minutes with their favorite sex worker for free. Interestingly, people are reaching out to take advantage of this offer. According to the brothel, it is everyone’s responsibility to promote the vaccination campaign. Realizing this, the brothel has stated that they are making such an offer.

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In Austria, only 64 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. The government is trying to speed up the vaccination campaign. Strict decisions are being taken for this. For example, non-vaccinated people are barred from entering restaurants, pubs, salons and other public places. The country has strict rules that require a certificate of full vaccination or coronavirus recovery to attend hotels and cinemas or events for more than 25 people.

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