Here are eight ways to strengthen the body’s immune system

This is not the first time that viruses have appeared in our lives. In fact, there are so many types of bacteria and viruses inside us. Importantly, this particular virus is new to our system, so our body is struggling with this virus. We are able to handle other things well, so in order to control this virus, we need to produce enough antibodies in our body, for which we can do some things.

This is not a cure for the corona virus, but if you practice these simple things, you will find that in a period of 6 to 8 weeks your immune system will be able to fight the disease by at least a few percent. The most important thing right now is to strengthen your ability to fight the disease without harming yourself and the people around you.

1: Neem and turmeric

Neem leaves are found everywhere except in the Himalayan region and turmeric is still available everywhere. People are now developing a type of turmeric, called microscopic turmeric, which our body can absorb much better than normal turmeric.

You can do this simple thing every day: Mix 8-10 neem leaves and a little turmeric in lukewarm water and drink it daily. If you drink it on an empty stomach, it significantly increases your ability to fight off extraterrestrial organisms. This does not mean that it will work immediately, but if you take it regularly, you will find some difference in 3 to 6 weeks. This is a very simple process that everyone can start in their own home. This practice is already practiced in most homes in southern India. We have to push it everywhere.

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2: Chyawanprash and raw mango

There are traditional medicines like Jiv Legium or Chewanprash, which strengthen our immune system. If you have elderly people over 60 in your household, it is best to start feeding them Chyawanprash. Raw mangoes are available in this season. Do not wait for the mango to ripen, but eat raw mango. It does not prevent corona virus, but it does increase immunity to some extent.

3: Honey-Pepper-Amla

The night before, soak amla and some grains of chilli (lightly beaten) in honey. Take 3 to 3 teaspoons three times a day. If you eat it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, it works best. If you do this, in 4 to 8 weeks you will see significant improvement in your immune system.

4: Bell leaves

If you eat 3-5 bell leaves every morning, it also strengthens your immune system.

5: Adequate physical activity

People are at home now. If they just sit there, and eat or drink all day, they are putting themselves at greater risk. One of the simplest things you can do is keep yourself physically active. This is the best time to take advantage of these weeks to keep yourself healthy and fit. If you don’t know anything, at least jump (jog) in the same place at different times each day – maybe fifteen minutes at a time, 5 to 6 times a day. By doing this our body is able to handle various things better.

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6: Chanting mantras to generate heat

Chanting the mantra “Yoga Yoga Yogeshwarai” produces “samat prana” or heat in our system. Traditional medicine uses “hot” and “cold”, which are commonly understood as “hot” and “cold”, but that is not exactly the meaning. It does point to that, but it doesn’t mean that. If you produce enough energy and create heat in the system, your immune system will work very well. This mantra creates a special amount of energy in the immune system, as it generates heat (tapas).

Please, make it very clear to everyone that this is neither a cure nor a prevention of corona virus. Don’t think, “I chanted today, so I can go out and do irresponsible things,” because it doesn’t work that way. These are processes that take some time to strengthen your system so that if another virus comes along, you can handle it better.

7: Keep Yourself Happy

Mental stress definitely weakens your immune system. Being fully excited, happy and cheerful is also a simple way to keep your immune system and body working properly.

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A happy, sensible and responsible person can cope with any situation much better than a person who is always serious. Especially if you panic, you become weak and weak. Therefore, it is very important that all your faculties should be in the right position — that is, your body and mind should be working as it should.

8: “Isha Kriya” Meditation Practice

We’ve made a fundamental mistake, and we don’t know the difference between what “I” is and what “mine” is. Everything I collect may be “mine” – we are not arguing about it at the moment – but it can never be “I”. If I told this piece of cloth, I would have lost my balance, wouldn’t I? Similarly, if you say that I am the body and the mind, then you have a problem. Body and mind, you have collected from outside.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.Can’t We have a simple solution for this: Isha Kriya Dhyana – a simple way to separate what you are and what you are not. It is available for free to all, who can use it. If you make yourself so aware of ‘what I am’ and ‘what I am not’, it will be much easier to move forward through these challenging times.

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