Why Regular Health Screening Tests are Important?

Many of us do not realise that we are not healthy till we have an illness. It is only when we see any symptoms or fall ill, that we will understand the value of taking care of our health. However, in some unfortunate cases, it is too late by the time a disease is diagnosed, and health has already deteriorated to a large extent. Therefore, early identification of diseases is important. Early detection gives people a chance to control their health in a better way. Preventive health screening tests will help people to learn about their risk for emerging chronic illnesses even before the symptoms are present so that action can still be taken. The tests are a good way to detect a specific disease early, before seeing any symptoms of the disease.

Some points to remember before going for a health care screening test

Here are some of the points to keep in mind when you go for health screening tests

  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothes. Always wear something loose.
  • According to the health screening tests, it is recommended to do an 8-hour fast.
  • Avoid putting any cream on your skin.
  • In the case of diabetic people, they should consult their doctor.
  • Do not go for the tests If you are sick or having periods. It is better to postpone the appointment.
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What are different kinds of health screening tests?

It is good to understand and be prepared in advance about the process of health screening tests. Let us look at some of the common tests that are conducted during health screenings:

  1. Check Blood Pressure – It is often the first and one of the most essential tests that the physician will do. In the case that the blood pressure of an individual is high, they may be asked to undergo any other tests in order to identify the cause of the high blood pressure.
  2. Check Cholesterol levels – This is especially in the case of overweight people and also for people who regularly drink alcohol or indulge in smoking, though it is common for everyone else also, the doctor will check the cholesterol levels in the body.
  3. Check Sugar levels – Sugar levels will be checked if a person has a family history of diabetes, or if the blood pressure or cholesterol level was high.
  4. Other tests like Pap Smear, Mammograms, etc. – These tests are commonly conducted for the prevention or detection of breast cancers and cervical cancers, especially the disorders that can typically affect women.
  5. Detecting colorectal cancer – This test is done for people who are above 50 years of age, with hereditary gene defects.
  6. Prostate Cancer Tests – This test is recommended for men who are obese, with high testosterone levels, or above 50 years of age.
  7. Tests for detecting sexually transmitted diseases – Recommended for people who are sexually active with more than one sexual partner.
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What will happen in health screening tests?

Generally, health screening tests can take about half a day. It will depend on the number of tests that the doctor will want a person to go through.  Some of the other common tests will include blood tests, x-rays, urine analysis, and faecal analysis. The early detection of any condition will help it from becoming something chronic.  Complications can be avoided to a great extent with the help of health screenings.

How often should a person get the health screening done?

If a person is under 30 years of age, then it is recommended to get a health screening test done once in every two years.  For people who are 30 years old and above, a yearly health screening is very much recommended.   On the other hand, for individuals over 50 years of age, frequent health screenings are recommended and especially age-related tests are conducted. Health screening includes basic tests on seemingly healthy people to identify those who have risk factors or early stages of a disease but do not yet have symptoms.

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Why do some people avoid health screening?

Many people are apprehensive about health screening tests. They feel they are perfectly fine and do not need to go for any tests. Some feel scared that something can come up during the tests and want to be ignorant. They want to avoid any kind of stress and do not want to disrupt their lives. Some people may have the misconception that a lack of any symptoms means that their health is good and therefore, they do not require any health screenings.


We have understood the importance of regular health screening tests in this article.  Most diseases will have no symptoms and this is especially true in the early stages. With early detection, any disease will be easier to treat. Detecting the health problems early will help you to take better control of your health.

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