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Hand Strengthening Activities for Kids – Strengthen Weak Hands!

Hand Strengthening

You are enamored with the delicate hands of your kid. Right!!!

It is very normal for parents because their hands are very soft and delicate. Thus, we like to hold their hands until the end of time. But the thing is that self-reliance is important after a certain age. Your children need to accomplish their regular tasks with their own hands, and for that, they need sufficient holding capacity. Yes, it is the much-needed criteria of self independence. They will go over numerous hardships while playing out their everyday exercises. To defeat those hardships, they should have confident hand muscles and a solid capacity to hold weighty objects. Hence, we generally advise guardians to focus on their youngsters and young adults grasping ability, and core strength. The physiotherapist and hand therapist advise doing some physical exercise for children to improve the forearm strength and range of motions.

We have discovered that some kids have weak hands because of insufficient forearm muscle strength and soft delicate fingers. For children who suffer from neuromuscular disorder or congenital abnormalities, most of the cases suffer from hand weakness and lack of finger-thumb coordination. They are unable to hold objects perfectly due to coordination problems between forearm muscles and the central nervous system. They have lower than required hand strength.

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There are multiple reasons available due to children’s poor gripping power. Like adults, children should go through gross and motor fine activities, gripping exercises to boost their forearm muscle and finger tendons. In this article, we’ll talk about very simple yet engaging activities that gradually increase your grasping ability.

Grip strengthening activity such as:

  • Wet sponge squeezing
  • Scissor cutting
  • Paper clumping
  • Making dough with the synthetic clay
  • Doing some gross-motor activities

There are some fine motor activities specially crafted for young adults, and children to strengthen fine motor capacity. If you observe that your child has low hand strength and inappropriate fine motor development, then you must talk with a neuro professional. 

Let’s discuss exercises that help your children develop strong grip strength.

Paper crumpling

Kids like to crumple up scrap paper during their art & craft sessions. It is a unique way to satisfy their mind and soul. They love to do it for the long term to shape the paper in the ball. It works as a mild exercise that gradually strengthens childrens’ small forearm muscles. Thus you should encourage your kid to make the small and tight ball in a limited time. 

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Limiting your time is a must because they have to put a lot of pressure to make a tight ball in stipulated time. If they do not face any difficulties then they must have strong grips, if not, then they need to develop grip strength gradually. 

Please make sure they properly clean their hands after doing this engaging activity because paper ink is injurious to health.

Squeezing sponges

Have you at any point seen your little one playing with wipes? On the off chance that he does, it is the ideal chance to accept the open door. Give a wipe to your child, it very well may be a wet shower wipe or wipe for painting. Request that they crush out total water from it. Pick wipe size as per the child’s palm-size and shape, and it is a super-successful hand grasp reinforcing exercise that should be possible in their bath. Most of the kids thought that it was charming. Yet, kindly wash and disinfect the wipe after movement to keep up with great wellbeing and cleanliness.

Spray Bottle activity

 Spray bottle activity is very engaging. We have played with spray bottles filled with colors in our childhood. It is another mind engaging activity. For kids, it is not only fun but also a grip strengthening activity. While doing so children unknowingly develop forearm strength without putting in a lot of effort. 

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Now children love to play with laptops and mobile phones instead of outdoor games which causes finger tendon inactiveness. Being a parent you must ask your child to play outdoors. Playing with a spray bottle is just fun. You can even ask your kid to put water in your home garden.

For these activities, buy a good quality plastic spray bottle and thoroughly wash it before and after use to maintain basic hygiene.

Scissor Cutting

If your child is a bit mature and can manage scissors properly, then you should give your child enough opportunity to practice paper cutting with a pair of scissors. However, scissor cutting is done with tripod fingers, but the complete forearm muscle will participate in this art and craft activity. 

Thus, ask your child to cut a straight line with paper before making any craft.

All these activities are very effective and engaging for your children to strengthen their forearm muscle and finger joints. After completing these basic hand exercises, you can give your child grip strength equipment to go to an advanced level.

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