Gosainkunda: Mahadev under the snow

Friday the 23rd of January. Time brought two brothers living in Kathmandu to my house in Nuwakot. According to the current method, Friday evening was falling, ‘Let’s go to Gosainkund’, one of them proposed. At 11 pm, three people on two motorcycles set out for Dhunche. The tall shadow of the motorcycle ran after him.

There are three routes to Gosainkund from here. If you want to go to the first route, after reaching Rasuwa headquarters Dhunche, the bus will tell you ‘my service is over’. Then, after checking the toe of the shoe and the stick of the hand, your walking journey begins. Hotels and settlements are found in 8 places on this route.

After walking for an hour on this route, you reach Ghattekhola. From there, after walking 2300 meters for about an hour and a half, Khendi, after crossing 2600 meters from Khendi, one can reach Deurali in one hour. After walking 3107 meters from there, you reach Chandanbari. You have to travel another hour and a half to reach Cholangpati. After that, you have to walk for about 3 hours to reach the starting hill without a lorry. As soon as the ascent is completed, the Buddha temple can be seen on the hill. Gosainkunda is an hour and a half away from there.

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Another route is Syafrubeshi-Thulosyaphru-Cholangpati-Lauribina-Gosainkunda. Most of the Langtang-Gosaikunda pedestrians use this route.

The third route is also called Gosaikunda circuit route. This Sundarijal-Melamchi bridge-Kutumsyang-Suryakunda can be traveled to Gosainkunda.

We used route number one. This route is considered to be suitable for reaching Gosainkund only in a short time.

Dhuncheka hotelawala dai

The last time I went to Gosainkund, I did not forget my brother-in-law (Sahu) who was staying in Dhunche, neither with my mobile phone. On the basis of a ring, he agreed to welcome us to Dhunche. When we got out of the way and arrived an hour later than expected at 2:00 pm, we were in a deep sleep.

Electrician sister

After an hour’s walk from Dhunche, you reach Ghattekhola’s tea shop. Drops of frozen water (called fusro) began to fall as soon as they reached the front of the dhunche. We didn’t have anything to block the water. At least the greed to save the clothes inside the bag grew!

The previous trip had introduced us to this tea shop. When we got the information that Dai was working in Vidyut, we also mentioned Didi’s name – Bijuliwali Didi. After measuring the polythene for covering, Mr. asked his sister for a bag of rice. I put the bag inside and made it possible to insert two hands. Then came the ‘Selfmade’ bag cover.

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Harsiddu from Haryana

In Deurali’s hotel, the soft sound of pressure cooker was heard outside. Cooker overcame the sound of heavy snow and wind. While we were eating at Agena’s Deal, someone approached us, asking for cold water.

Harsiddu (6 feet tall, 22 years old) has been in Nepal for 21 days from Haryana, India.

This is his last destination after Pokhara, Lumbini, Mustang, Kenjin and Lamtang. He walks alone, makes blogs. “Once I get out of university, I’ll put the world under my feet,” he says.

Sonam Lama

Sonam Lama is the niece of Hotel Red Panda. The only open hotel in Chandanbari! Sonam has been assigned to run her uncle’s hotel. Due to the off-season, many hotel locks on the route are waiting for the owners. Following the path made by Harsiddu’s shoes in the snow about a foot thick, the torch took us to Chandanbari. The youngest Tamang of the government cheese industry was found there. Younger Tamang’s heart melted when he saw the snow on our sports shoes. We got free gumboots, till we reached Gosainkund and returned.

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There are about 20 young people who climb a steep lorry without a lorry. The bare hill was covered with snow. The guess is correct, the one walking ahead would make the way. We followed in his footsteps. Standing in front and looking at the white mountains all around. The Buddha temple is perched on a hill to give information that the hill has been completed without a lorry.

Recently, a railing post has been set up on the hillside from Buddha Temple to Gosainkunda. After reaching La Pass without a 4,610 meter high lorry, slipping on the same railing, one can see the roof around the snow-covered pond and Bhairavkund.

Nikunj’s rule is to open a hotel even after taking turns. Hello Hotel was one of those opened in that way. Heaps of snow on the frozen pool, heli and pilgrims on top – pedestrians. Did Aiya say something like the figure of Lord Shiva (Mahadev) who was seen lying under the water during Najme? This question remained unanswered.


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