GoPro Hero Ten Black Camera Public in Nepal

Kathmandu. Icefall Technologies has unveiled the GoPro Hero Ten Black Action Camera in the Nepali market. Following the success of Hero Nine Black, the company has introduced Hero Ten Black.

Based on the GPU processor, the camera is fast and easy to use, the company said. This camera can capture an excellent quality video of 5.3K at 60 frames per second. Also 23 megapixel image can be taken from this camera.

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The Hero Ten Black camera has a Hypersmouth 4.0 stabilization feature that allows you to stabilize video. The waterproof design is excellent and even durable. The company believes that this camera, which has been upgraded a lot, will be popular in Nepal as well.

Established in 2010, Icefall Technologies is Nepal’s official distributor for GoPro. The new feature makes the GoPro Hero Ten Black stand out and better than other action cameras, making it suitable for capturing captivating scenes for cyclists and motorcyclists, mountaineers, bloggers and other creative personalities.

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