Google Search is rolling out its AI-generated answers – whether you want them or not

Google is reportedly experimenting with its search results and looking to add AI overviews for more users. Previously, the feature was being tested for people who had opted into the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE),  which would allow them to try Google’s latest innovations with generative AI. Google claims that this update will give users more information and context to users’ searches.

Users can sign up to try search features that Google is testing and looking to receive feedback on via Search Labs. The Google Search Experience that Google has been working on displays an AI-generated answer which would be followed by the usual search result listings we’re used to. The AI-generated answer would be pre-empted by a very explicit ‘Generative AI is experimental’ disclaimer, and would be indicated visually by being sectioned off with a differently-colored background. 

Google will also show citations for where its AI model would source its information to give you your answer. You could then follow those citations and check out the sources for yourself, continue your search with another query or by perusing the other results, or toggle the AI-generated answer with options that Google provided at the bottom of it. 

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A screenshot from Google's announcement video of its new AI-aided search results

(Image credit: Google)

The experiment is going outside the Search Labs

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