Gamers rejoice: AMD may be cooking up a GPU with RTX 4080 performance at half the price

According to a new report, AMD may be working on a graphics card that offers the same performance as the Nvidia RTX 4080 but at only half the price. This isn’t the first time these rumors cropped up either, with a report back in 2023 about the manufacturer focusing on the mid-range market.

The latest report asserts that the mid-range options of the AMD Radeon 8000 series will allegedly cost between $400-600 (around £315-£472 / AU$606-AU$910), according to PCGamesN. This is a huge price cut on its own but becomes a downright steal when compared to the MSRP of the RTX 4080. And in a graphics card generation that’s already suffering from a severe lack of affordable options, the possibility of AMD pushing out a card so powerful and budget-friendly is an excellent way to appease a significant market while standing out from its competition.

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