From bikinis to aprons: world beauties in vaccine collaboration with Oxford!

The role of Carina Tyrell, who once won the Miss England crown by wearing a bikini, has changed this time. This time she is wearing a white apron and invents a vaccine against the corona virus.

Tyrell, 31, who is also a physician and professor, is working with Oxford University to develop a vaccine. The organizing body of the world beauty pageant has also congratulated her for such an exemplary work.

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Tyrell, who won the Miss England crown in 2014, has been hailed as one of the youngest brains in the UK by the media, including the Daily Mail. She has been working as a scientist for 12 months, joining the Oxford team.

Tyrell, who holds a medical degree from Cambridge University, said she was happy to be working against the 100-year-old health crisis. Tirel, who was born in Switzerland to a British couple, said that beauty can also work for the society.

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However, his childhood dream was to work against diseases like malaria. She has been involved in modeling since the age of 15. She is also a popular model in England.

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