Five poorly performing football teams

Some of the most popular football teams in the world have performed poorly in 2021-22.

Clubs such as Spanish club Barcelona and English club Tottenham are worried that they may not be selected in the European competition next year. Because this season has been a terrible performance so far.

Barcelona’s struggle after Messi’s exit

Camp Nou has been bizarre this season. Supporters have been allowed to enter the field. But in the game against Alaves, only 37 thousand 278 supporters were present. There are many reasons for poor performance, one of which is poor performance.

With the departure of Lionel Messi, Barcelona have become so weak that they are in ninth place in La Liga, while the club in Group G of the Champions League has only added three points. Barcelona have fired coach Ronald Koeman after struggling to score in Spanish La Liga and the Champions League. But there is no immediate improvement.

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There was also a disappointing performance against Alejandro. Barcelona, ​​who drew 1-1 in that game, have a goal ratio of 1.2 in one game this season.

Tottenham’s strategy in treatment

Tottenham’s last few seasons have been bad. But in 2021-22, expectations were not so high. After other coaches refused to come, Tottenham appointed Nuno Spirito Santo as their coach. Under his tutelage, the club won the first three games of the season 1-0.

But then the team’s performance deteriorated. Since then, Tottenham have won just two games in the Premier League and Nuno is likely to be sacked.

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Hurricane Turin

The arrival of Massimiliano Allegri was expected to stop the storm in Turin. But that did not happen.

After their good performances in the Champions League, the situation in the domestic league is worrying. Juventus have half the points behind Serie A league leaders Napoli. He has added 15 points from 11 games. It is in the ninth position in the table. It was not just a coincidence that he lost the title in 2020-21, but it seems to be proving to be true.

United’s embarrassing defeat

After signing Rafael Varane, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United were seen as contenders for the Premier League title.
But that has not happened. Instead, the Red Devils have lost points on the left, right and center and suffered a humiliating 5-0 defeat at home to Liverpool.

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In a sense, United’s identity is in jeopardy. Older Ronaldo and the fast and the young front have not been able to overcome that crisis.

Unforgettable first season of Inter Miami

Inter Miami made some improvements after a scary start. But after losing 3-1 at home to New York City this week, Inter Miami has finally failed to reach the MLS playoffs.

David Beckham and his team did not think so when they expanded the team. But Phil Neville could not even reach the post season. There is work to be done in the off-season before 2022. Inter Miami have high expectations and a lot of ambition, but it has been a scary start for the new team.

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