Experience the Makalu-Barun trek

June 29, Kathmandu. Gagan Raj Neupane of Rasuwa is a tourism entrepreneur by profession. One of the directors of Rasuwa Tax and Accident. But he is not only a tourism entrepreneur but also works as a guide. He says, “I am not only a tourism entrepreneur, I also guide tourists on foot.”

In this fair, he has reached the region of Everest along with different regions of the country. “I have visited the Everest region about 60 times so far,” he said.

In the last week of April, he had reached the Everest region with a foreign guest. Returning them to Kathmandu, he set out on the Makalu-Barun journey from Lukla, the gateway to Everest.

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“I had heard the name Makalu-Barun a lot, but it was a different experience to travel,” he said.

Normally, he does not travel more than 6 hours a day when traveling with foreign tourists, but because he is alone, he travels up to 10 hours.

That is why he said that he was able to return after completing the 10 day journey in 6 days. Probably because it was a new area, he did not feel like walking for 10 hours a day. Although there is no problem of food and shelter in the area, he feels that there is a lot to be improved.

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He said that it was very difficult to walk even without signs. “Anyway, where will the foreign visitors go now after the trek to the Everest region?” “Now I will try to take this area,” he said.

This is the characteristic of Makalu-Barun

Establishment of Makalu Barun National Park It happened in 2049. Named after the Makalu Himal.

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Makalu-Barun National Park is one of the highest protected areas in the world, stretching from the tropical forests along the Arun River to the highlands of the Himalayas. Which is at an altitude of 8000 meters above sea level. Makalu-Barun National Park covers an area of ​​2,330 square kilometers.

Within the park, there are mountains including Makalu Himal (8 thousand 463 meters high), 7 thousand 319 meters high Chamlang mountain, 7 thousand 129 meters high Baruntse mountain, 6 thousand 654 meters high Mira Peak.


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