Dr. Anup Bastola’s suggestion: Let’s not leave the child unconcerned that Corona is deficient

Kriti Thapa, daughter of CPN-UML Lumbini state assembly member Kumar Thapa, died of corona infection on November 30. Kriti, who works at Nepal Rastra Bank, was eight months pregnant. He succumbed to his injuries at Norvik Hospital in Kathmandu.

Similarly, Ramesh Maharjan, central member of Vibekshil Saja Party and president of Nepal Gold, Silver, Gems and Jewelery Federation, died of corona infection on November 20. Maharjan, who was undergoing treatment at Medicity Hospital in Lalitpur, was diagnosed with corona infection after showing symptoms.

As the Corona epidemic subsided, so did the market. During the festive season, people go to the market to forget the corona. Schools, cinema houses, etc. are all open. Is Corona’s risk over? Physicians in the market have been walking around forgetting the health standards. He says that he is not able to walk like that.

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According to government figures, 390 corona infections were reported in the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday afternoon. According to the hospital, 10 patients are being treated in the emergency services of Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital in Teku, the only communicable disease hospital in Nepal. At the time of the corona epidemic, up to 20/25 people were kept outside the emergency room, but now the number of corona infections has decreased, the hospital said.

Many have been vaccinated with the second dose and government data shows that more than two-thirds of the population has developed immunity. Anup Bastola explains. Even if the number of patients does not increase, he should not neglect to maintain physical distance and follow other health standards. Bastola suggests.

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Although the number of corona cases is not alarming and many Nepalis have been vaccinated, the risk of corona is not completely forgotten. How long the vaccine works is being studied in itself. Bastola says, “Even though the numbers are small, there are examples of people who have been vaccinated against corona have serious problems.” Therefore, both those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated must maintain a mask and physical distance. ‘

Therefore, he is still not able to walk freely. Bastola explains. Studies have shown that people who are vaccinated with covid are at risk. We have seen that too. That’s why the safety standards must be followed, “said Dr. Bastola says.

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The child should not be left unattended yet

Many crowded places including schools and cinema halls are now open. The more crowds there are, the more health standards are violated. It is difficult to meet health standards, especially for young children, as they are very playful. However, it is possible to open school and cinema halls safely by fulfilling the criteria. According to Bastola, it would be appropriate to set criteria such as not allowing sick students and teachers to come to school.

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